Monday, November 15, 2021

The Springs in Katy Real Wedding

Makeup by Keri Ann Bridal Makeup _ Jenny Shwartz Photography

Meet Michelle.  She was my July 2021 bride and her wedding at The Springs Weddings and Events Venue in Katy, TX.  I can't tell you how precious this bride is.  Her heart loves Jesus and it showed throughout the entire wedding day!  Her selection of the bridal party, down to every small detail had such sweet and personal meaning and I know the team at NXT LVL Weddings & Events made those details shine!

All of the images here were taken, and graciously shared, by the talented Jenny Schwartz Photography.

Scroll through these lovely images and then check out the amazing dream team of vendors, which are all listed below!

Makeup by Keri Ann Classic Wedding Makeup

The flowers by Freedom Floral are exquisite and that cake by Bavarian Cakery is too pretty to slice!

Wedding Makeup Artist Houston, TX

Katy, TX Brides

The joy in Michelle's face brightens up the photos, doesn't it?  

I (Makeup by Keri Ann) was honored and blessed to be the one to make her natural beauty shine with a very classic bridal makeup look! Michelle's hair was created by Arlene at Color Salon.

These wedding vendors were not featured in these photos, but they made Michelle's wedding day too:

Chef Jeff's Table (Caterer/Cake Cutting)

JK Productions (DJ)

Your Resource Rental (Linens & Decor)

Monday, March 29, 2021

Makeup Monday: Safe & Travel Friendly Skin Care

How do you apply your moisturizers that come in jars?

Do you dip your fingers directly into your skin care jars? 

Do you use an applicator to apply them?

Do you need some new travel container ideas?

Check out my video here!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Are First Look Photos Worth The Time on Wedding Day?

When I ask brides if they will be taking first look photos, many say they are undecided.  

Seeing first look photos are some of my favorite photos that brides and photographers share.

The His and Hers Foto team captured these great first look photos of one of my brides last year. Having 2 photographers capture the moment is really special!

If you are on the fence when deciding if you want to see your future spouse before the ceremony nuptials, maybe this little documentary will inspire you!

First Look Photos at Real Galveston Wedding
Real Galveston Wedding First Look Photos Captured by His & Hers Foto

Don't you just love the anticipation and pure joy in these photos?!?! 

Planning an extra hour and a half to two hours before the ceremony will help you capture priceless moments like these before your wedding. Just a few quite moments with your spouse before the whirlwind starts, is extremely special. When planning your wedding day timeline, be sure to plan on having your makeup and hair is done in plenty of time!

Of course, I would be delighted to help you create your special wedding day makeup!

Contact me at if I can be of service to you!

If you enjoyed these photos, you may want to see more of this amazing wedding by clicking here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Real Montgomery County Texas Christmas Wedding | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

 It's almost Christmas and I am reminiscing about this beautiful Christmas wedding that I did back in 2013.  Time sure does fly by, but I will never forget this day or this lovely client!

This Montgomery County venue has since been reverted back to a private family home, but I love the red roses and the bride's, Sophie's, bright red lips!  So many of my makeup clients are afraid of lipstick and few are bold enough to wear bright red, but this bride wears red so well!

The amazing photographers are no longer in the photography biz, but I have to give a shout out to the talented Martha and Brent Shumaker team who made captured these great photos for me.

Montgomery County Wedding Makeup Artist
This Christmas bride rocks her red lipstick

I love seeing photos from client's happy Christmas wedding day!

Lashes and red lipstick - classic makeup for any occasion, but how fabulous with a veil!

I would be honored to serve you, and your bridal party, on your wedding day and I will create a customized makeup look just for you - whether you are a red lipstick wearing bride or a bride who wants very natural wedding day makeup look!

Please feel free to reach out to me at

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Real Galveston Bride and Wedding | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA


His & Hers Foto Galveston Bride

This beautiful bride's wedding in Galveston, TX was documented on camera by the fabulous His & Hers Foto team, who graciously shared their photos with me and allowed me to share them with you! 

You have to see all of the vibrant details of this wedding!  

While I was only there for the "beautifying" part of this special day, this couple appeared to have a fantastic wedding day from the photos.  His & Hers Foto captured such amazing First Look photos of this bride and her groom, I might have to share those in a separate blog post.

His & Hers Foto Wedding Photographers

Makeup by Keri Ann did the makeup, of course, but Southern Roots Boutique and Salon gets all the credit for the hair!

The Matron of Honor's pink hair was too much fun!  I wanted to enhance her brows with a touch of pink too, but wedding day was not the day to start experimenting or creating a whole new brow look.

Sea Star Base Wedding by His & Hers Foto

This bridal party was so nice to work with!

Makeup by Keri Ann Wedding Makeup

These B&W photos are my favorites - all the vibes of old Hollywood Glam!

Galveston Real Wedding Groom

The distinguished groom!

His & Hers Foto and Makeup by Keri Ann

I love pics of the father and bride!  
I had the wonderful opportunity to do makeup on the bride's mom too!

Galveston Wedding Details

Our bride made those flower girl dresses!

Island Flowers Galveston

Island Flowers Galveston

The flowers were done by Island Flowers.  Have you ever seen such vibrant colors?!?!?

Cakes by Jula Wedding Cake

Cakes by Jula made the cake!

Makeup by Keri Ann Bridal Makeup

Sea Star Base has a beautiful ceremony site by the water is beautiful!
Makeup by Keri Ann Bridal Makeup

I love this view of Sea Star Base

Galveston Wedding Makeup

The lovely bride holds the hearts of two men!

Makeup by Keri Ann Bridal Party Makeup

Those cute kiddos!

Makeup by Keri Ann Wedding Makeup

Who doesn't love a fun bridal party?

Galveston Makeup Artist Makeup by Keri Ann

Wedding days are long, but this party is just going to get started!

Makeup by Keri Ann _ His & Hers Foto Weddings

Love the sunset view on the water!

Congratulations, Melissa!  You were such a beautiful bride and so sweet to work with!

I would be delighted to be of service to you on your wedding day too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ashton Gardens West Houston Real Wedding | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

 I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite makeup clients, Doni.  All of my clients are near and dear to my heart, but this girl lights up a room with her joy.  I have never seen her as happy as she was on this day last October!

Makeup by Keri Ann bridal Makeup
Makeup by Keri Ann's happy bridal client, Doni & her groom on their wedding day

I am usually the last vendor to be booked, but for this wedding, in October of 2019, I was actually one of the FIRST vendors booked for this wedding! I have had the opportunity to do Doni's makeup, and her family members' makeup, multiple times for several of their special events.

And while I only usually post professional photos, I am including these cute cell phone photos because, they captured the big day so well.

Houston Makeup Artist Makeup by Keri Ann
Wedding Day Beauty Preparations

Megan Malone, helped create the perfect hairstyles for Doni and her mom!

The ceremony space at Ashton Gardens West Houston makes you forget you are in the city.

While Doni loves makeup and color, Doni's mom does not. So we did an "au natural" look for her.

Introducing the very happy couple!!

Congratulations, Doni! 
May you always dance with joy in your marriage!
Thank you so much for once again inviting me to play a special part of your wedding day memories!
(This is one of the few weddings I was also invited to attend as a guest, so honored!)
I am blessed with the best clients!

Makeup by Keri Ann would love to be of service to you too!
Please email me at

Monday, October 19, 2020

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream for Extremely Dry Skin and Women Over 40 Review | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

Dry Skin Relief for Women Over 40 or Flight Attendants or Frequent Travelers
The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha (5 ML jar shown) is the same color as my Plumbago flower!

I have extremely dry skin.

My flying career, Hashimoto's disease and age contribute to my dry, flaky, and (sometimes) painful skin condition.

I have been on a quest for a rich & creamy moisturizer that actually hydrates for years now.

This tiny jar of Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream was just waiting to be sampled.  It had been sitting in my bathroom cosmetic goodie-bag for a few months.  I believe this little treasure was obtained with my VIB point redemption at my local Sephora store.  

As soon as my fingers touched the moisturizer in the jar, I knew I had just opened something unique, but could this little dab of creamy goodness live up to its name?  (Why had I not tried this before?)

I am very sensitive to fragrance, and while this does has a touch of scent, it is light and refreshing and was very pleasant.  I could not detect a synthetic or overly processed odor.

I applied the moisturizer after cleansing my face and applying my face serum.  I woke up the next morning with....hydrated skin!  It was actually a small miracle! Hydrated skin is something I haven't experienced in a very, very long time!

After applying the moisturizer during the day, I still loved the way it glided on my skin.  I liked the way my foundation felt and looked too. 

In fact, I loved this little product so much, I have ordered more Tatcha products.  I have to find out if the other products in the brand hydrate as well as the amazing product in my tiny 5ML sample jar.

If you are a woman with severely dry skin and/or are over the age of 40, I think you might want to try a sample of this little moisturizer too!  (Oily or combo skin girls, I doubt this is a product for you).

Stay tuned to my blog, as I have ordered some travel size products I hope my skin might like too. (The wallet may not appreciate the expenditure...) Of course, you will be the first to know my results!

This is NOT a feaured/sponsored post nor are the attached links affiliate links.  These are my personal opinions and experiences.  Any supplemental information is for the consumer to do their own research.

If you have tried The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha, I would love to know how you, and your skin, felt about it!