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Tatcha Product Purchase Review No. 1 | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

The Starter Ritual Ultra-Hydrating for Dry Skin set by Tatcha

After my first 2 applications of The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha, I knew I had to sample some of the brand's other products. My full review of  The Dewy Skin Cream is here.  

When I visited the Tatcha website, I was offered another FREE sample of The Dewy Skin Cream when I placed my first order, IF I joined their mailing list.  (My tiny sample was only 5 ML, and I was going to get another 10 ML FREE).  I took the bait.  Another moisturizer was worth the email harassment!

I decided to order The Starter Ritual Set Ultra-Hydrating for Dry Skin.  This was not a full size product set.  I wanted trial size products, which happen to be more budget-friendly than the full retail size. 

If I like a trial size, I can use it in my travel bag. If I don't like something, it's not as huge of a monetary loss.  My quest for skin hydration has become a very expensive endeavor.  Who can relate?

My order qualified for free shipping and I was pleasantly surprised when it shipped the next business day from California! (Bonus points for customer service!)

I certainly have dry skin and I certainly need ultra hydration.  I am very curious if this set will deliver?

I received a card with my packing list and 3 little samples of other Tatcha products to try.

The products I received inside my box are listed below.  And so are my first impressions (based on very first experience AND a few days of use).  I will write follow up reviews if the products actually live up to their name.

Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil - 50 ML or 1.7 FL OZ

First Impression: The smell did not intrigue me with the first use. You are instructed to apply this with dry hands to a dry face.  It was supposed to turn "milky" once water was applied and the cleansing began.  I did not notice if it did or not, I was in the shower when I rinsed it off. My face still felt pretty tight after using. The information on-line says this product is for normal to dry skin, so I am not convinced this product is for my super dry skin.  (This was in the ultra hydrating box?!?!)  (This is step 1 and is to be used daily.)

The Rice Polish: Gentle - 10 G or 0.3 OZ

First Impression: Texture appears to be very similar to a charcoal powder I am in love with.  The size is actually pretty generous for a sample, but I can't see how full the little container actually is.  A little bit of this product should go a long way.  The color is the pretty periwinkle hue and when mixed with water, the user controls how moist you want it to be.  The odor is surprising.  More dull and earthy than I anticipated.  I am not completely sold on this first use, I may have to warm up to this product, but I will be trying it again.  My skin was softer and smoother after using. (This is step 2 of the skin care and is suggested daily.  I believe it could be used alone as a cleanser daily or used every other day for exfoliation.  I will have to continue my testing of this product.) 

I got an email (remember I got a FREE cream for joining the mail list) about the Tatcha philosophy of dual cleansing.  Supposedly the oil removes the makeup without stripping your skin of essential natural oil and the exfoliator polishes off the skin  Will need more experimentation, but at home, because the rice polish jar is just too big for my travel bag! (I already overpack & space is premium in there!)

The Essence - 25 ML or 0.8 FL OZ

First Impression: The smell is similar to the cleansing oil.  This is a "serum" but is to be "splashed onto the face and neck and then pressed into the skin." Hmmm, ok. My skin felt dull and tight again.  It kind of tingled too.  For the quantity and the price, I am not anticipating another future investment, but will give it a few days.  (This is step 3 of the skin care and suggested daily.)

The Dewy Skin Cream - 10 ML or 0.3 OZ

First Impression: Hallelujah! I made it to the one product I fell in love with and invested my hard earned money on this travel set for!  The smell is as divine as ever (especially since my nose has been assaulted by the previous products)!  My skin welcomes the quenching moisture from the silky cream.  This skin care regimen has be revived.  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! (This is step 4 of the skin care and is suggested daily.)  

The Silk Peony - 3 ML or 0.1 FL OZ

First Impression: This is an eye cream.  A little bit will go a long way, so this teeny tiny jar, should last a while - worth the investment.  This is a very smooth and light weight eye cream.  It is not as heavy as the one I am currently using. Very faint neutral fragrance.  (This is step 5 and is suggested daily.)  This little eye cream pot is perfect for my travel bag!

Overall, I am glad I chose to purchase travel sizes, rather than full size products. While I am not in love with everything I tried, I can use the products until they are gone.  You do get "bang for your buck" with this product line, as a tiny bit goes a long way!  

Everyone on-line raves about how great these products smell, but the only one I really love the scent of is The Dewy Skin Cream.

For women with normal to dry skin, this may be a set worth investing in.  If you have extremely dry skin like me, I would suggest skipping the cleansing oil and the Essence.  If you don't have an eye cream you love, you might want to try this one. 

I have ordered other products and will continue to provide feedback on those in future posts!

This is NOT a sponsored/featured post.  All of the opinions about the products above are my own.  There are no affiliate links inside this post.  Any links are for the reader to gain more information.

If you have tried any of the products above, I would love to know what you, and your skin (please be sure to tell us your skin type), felt about them!  Leave me a comment below!

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