Monday, February 4, 2019

Burbank Trip to Besame Cosmetics | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

I have been meaning to write this post for some time and, unfortunately, many of the products I have purchased and feature in this post are being discontinued.

Burbank Cosmetics Trip _ Besame Cosmetics _ Besame Purchase and review _ Makeup by Keri Ann
Besame Cosmetics in Burbank Welcome Sign

Last spring, I had one of the longest and most splendid over nights in Burbank, CA.  The weather was fabulous. I needed exercise and new makeup (I had just changed my hair color), but I didn't want to go to a store I could go to in Houston.  

So, with a little help from Google, I found this great vintage cosmetic store I could walk to, called Besame.  

What a charming surprise!  Before you open the door, you are transferred to a much simpler time.  

Once I stepped inside, I could picture my grandmothers shopping at such a quaint store - everything appeared to be a storefront you would imagine visiting in the 1930s or 1940s.

The Besame cosmetic line is not overwhelming, but they offer a great assortment of products and everything is packaged with a vintage flair.  

They are able to offer cosmetics with Disney license, which has earned them quite a following with Disney fans the world over.

I am so fair, I have a hard time finding a foundation that will match my skin tone right out of the packaging.

I know how to custom create foundation, I do it for every one of my clients, but honestly, I am too lazy to do it for myself.  I was hoping to find a true vintage pancake makeup, but those are more elusive to find than a true porcelain color of foundation.

Besame actually had a perfect shade of foundation for me! 

Besame Cashmere Foundation Review in Natural Beige_Makeup by Keri Ann_Burbank Makeup
Besame Cashmere Foundation Stick in Natural Beige
It is called Natural Beige - I have never been a beige skin tone in my life!!! 

The Cashmere Foundation Stick sounds and feels creamy, but my sales consultant warned me the cream to powder formula would be too dry for my skin, and sadly, it is.  I love wearing it, and apply plenty of moisturizer before application, but by the end of the day my skin feels too dry. 

I had to invest in the Vanilla Brightening Powder, because powder is the perfect way to polish off your makeup and this one smells like Vanilla!  I just love the little details when opening this powder!

Besame Vanilla Face Powder_Packaging Details_Makeup by Keri Ann product purchase
Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder Packaging

The shade of blush looks subtle, it is called Sun Kissed, but the pigment was surprisingly intense and my first application resulted in me attempting to soften it with powder brushes, cotton balls and Kleenex.

I love the vintage packing of this blush, but I found it was terribly hard to open - one morning it finally flew out of my hands and broke.  If the container had been metal, as the original design was probably made of, I suspect I might have had an an easier time opening it, but I am not entirely sure.

Besame Translucen Blush in Sun Kissed, Besame Chocolate Kiss Lipstick and Travel brush and my makeup after applying all of my new Besame Cosmetics
The lipstick is a beautiful shade of red, called Chocolate Kiss.  It is a true replica of a popular lipstick in 1970.  I love how creamy the lipstick is and how it does not seem to dry out my lips.  I had lost my favorite travel lip brush and was so excited to see they carried one too - I just had to invest!  I also snagged a new eyeshadow brush, because you can never have too many of those either.

I am waiting for another Burbank overnight so I can visit this great little cosmetic store again!  The price point is very affordable.

If you find yourself on Magnolia Boulevard, I highly suggest you stop in, browse for yourself, and then be sure to let me know what treasures you found!

Burbank CA cosmetic purchase_Besame Csosmetics_Makeup by Keri Ann review
Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA discovers Besame Cosmetics in Burbank, CA

Friday, January 18, 2019

Puppy Love Wedding Inspiration | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

Natural Makeup for all skin tones_Houston Makeup Artist_Makeup by Keri Ann
Makeup by Keri Ann Reardon - photo courtesy of Mychelle Leven Photography

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a photo shoot that was featured on The Wedding Chicks and on The Knot in late 2017.  All photos on this post were captured by Mychelle Leven.

While I shared this shoot on my social media at the time of publication(s), I failed to share the beauty of this styled shoot here on the blog.

Late is better than never, so without further chatter, I present to you the Puppy Love Photo Shoot (warning:  you may want to cuddle with a puppy after seeing these...)

Natural makeup for african american women_bridesmaid makeup_makeupbykeriann_theknot
Makeup by Keri Ann Reardon - photo credit Mychelle Leven
 All of these puppies featured were provided by Operation Pets Alive
Houston Top Makeup Artist_Makeup by Keri Ann_Makeup for freckles_Natural Makeup
Makeup by Keri Ann Reardon - photo credit Mychelle Leven
Makeup for all skin types_Makeup by Keri Ann_Natural Makeup Artist Houston
Makeup by Keri Ann Reardon - photo credit Mychelle Leven

Natural Makeup for Bronze skin_African American Bridesmaid Makeup_Makeup by Keri Ann
Makeup by Keri Ann Reardon - photo credit Mychelle Leven
This shoot was actually done in the middle of the summer - late July or early August.  It was a typical HOT, HUMID and STICKY day in the Houston area.

Wedding Inspiration _ Makeup by Keri Ann_Houston Makeup Artist_The Knot_Wedding Chicks
French blue wedding sweets - photo credit Mychelle Leven 
The amazing sweets were provided by Aldoria Cakery - I wish you could smell their rich, buttery sweetness!  I didn't get to taste anything, but the smell was divine!!!

Wedding Inspiration _ Makeup by Keri Ann_Houston Makeup Artist_The Knot_Wedding Chicks
Amazing Florals and french blue inspiration for weddings - photo credit Mychelle Leven

Madera Estates hosted this shoot.  Event Smith styled the shoot.  Edelweiss Events provided the amazing florals.  The bridal gown featured above was provided by The Princess Bridal.  All bridesmaids dresses were provided by Bella Bridesmaids.  All hairstyles were the creations of Bethany Fortner and Ashley Nichole.  Bride and other two bridesmaids' makeup were done by Addie Allen.  Other vendors who participated, but whose work is not seen here are Couture House Rentals and Megan Marie Calligraphy.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Simple Tips to Apply Makeup and Work Out - Guest Speaker on The Fit Fifteen by Fit Armadillo

The Fit Fifteen Makeup by Keri Ann Podcast Work Out and Stay Made Up
How to Work Out and Stay Made Up with The Fit Fifteen Podcast

I know many people have made New Year's resolutions to get in shape and go to the gym.  Catherine, the owner of Fit Armadillo and hostess of The Fit Fifteen podcast, asked me to share some easy tips to help incorporate a beauty regimen into your fitness routine.

All it takes is a little planning.  I hope you find these tips helpful.

Listen to our podcast by clicking here

Show notes from this podcast can be found by clicking here

You can find the Fit Fifteen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

I'd love to hear about how you incorporate beauty into your fitness routine, favorite products you use, etc.

For more topics on beauty/image, travel and lifestyle, be sure to stop by Makeup by Keri Ann again
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Special thanks to Teresa You Photography for the photo credit!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Year Inspiration | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

In 2017 - 2018 I made some pretty significant changes & I was silent on the blog because:
  • I became a mom with an empty nest!
  • I added another career to my resume - I earned my flight attendant wings!
  • I became a vegan for health, not political, purposes.
  • I discovered Pilate's classes after a lifetime of not enjoying exercise or the gym.
  • I have traveled to so many interesting places!
In 2019
  • I am still committed & able to provide luxury on-location makeup services to clients!   Have passport & will travel...
  • Beauty & Professional Image advice will always be the main focal point of my blog!
But, I have so many new things to blog about now:
  • My travel adventures & tips!
  • Life as a flight attendant - 90% of women tell me that is/has been their dream job!
  • My successes (& failures) with vegan cooking & baking!
  • Interesting vegan restaurants I find delicious in Houston & on my travels!
  • Healthy tips for travelers & airline crew members!
I hope you will follow me as I share my life with you, here, on the blog, FacebookInstagram or  LinkedIn

Monday, August 7, 2017

Super Simple DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

DIY Exfoliator _ Makeup by Keri Ann _ Makeup Tips _ Makeup Advice
Super Simple Sugar Scrub for DIY

When it comes to beauty products, I generally stick to purchasing them retail.

I like the convenience of purchasing what I need without having to shop for ingredients and take time to make it.

But after I finished my last few containers of exfoliators, I decided to see what the process would be to make a DIY scrub.

So I went on-line and found Dear Crissy’s blog post featuring 15 different DIY sugar scrub recipes (click here for the link to her blog).  They all look tempting, but the one I settled on was the Vanilla Olive Oil Scrub by Freutcake.  Click here for the complete recipe

I chose this scrub because I had all of the ingredients in my pantry AND olive oil and a dab of vanilla wouldn’t compete with any other fragrances I apply.

When I make the scrub, I only make 1/2 of the recipe at a time only because the plastic containers I am willing to put in my shower would only hold about 1/2 of the recipe.

This sugar scrub recipe literally takes just a few minutes to make, but I LOVE the results!  

This scrub is better than any sugar scrubs/exfoliators/body polishes I have purchased at the store.  It not only exfoliates the skin, but the olive oil helps to moisturize my skin too.  My legs and feet feel great after using it and I use it almost daily now.

Note:  I would never use this scrub on my face - it is too harsh.

And for those of you who know me personally, you just might end with a sweet DIY gift one day soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Teresa Yiu Once Upon a Dream Blog Interview

Super excited to be featured on Teresa Yiu's Once Upon a Dream Blog Series Today!

Teresa is an amazing maternity and newborn photographer.

Please read her interview with me and check out her work by clicking here.

My makeup photographed by the talented and lovely Tersa Yiu Photography

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Distorted Mirrors and Personal Reflections

I recently attended an event in a local Houston hotel.  The hotel had been remodeled in a modern design recently.  Everything looked great, but I was surprised to walk into the women's restroom to discover mirrors above the sinks that distorted images.

Houston Makeup Artist _ Christian Blogger_Negative Self Image
Do you notice anything unusual about the reflection in these mirrors?
My iPhone photo is not the best, but I hope you can see why those mirrors reminded me of the carnival fun house mirrors - look one direction and you are short and wide - look another and you are super tall and stick like - look a different direction and you are wavy.  Anyone with a sense of humor had to laugh at the poor selection in mirror design for the women's restroom.

But for me, and many other women, those mirrors are a reminder of the negative reflections we fight every day.

In high school I read about the perfect hour glass figure and I worked so hard to get close to the 36”-24”-36” (the 24" waist was the hardest part to achieve in that formula, and the number I wanted to obtain, even if it was only briefly).

My Freshman year of college I gained the “Freshman 15” AND I packed on an additional 20 pounds for a total of 35 new pounds and clothing that was at least 3-4 dress sizes larger than when I started the previous fall.  My face was as round as a basketball.

I struggled for at least 2 years to get the weight to come off.  I dieted.  I exercised.  I tried everything I read about (that was before everyone had access to the Internet).  It seemed the harder I tried to lose the weight, the more it clung to me.

One day I had a realization that the weight or dress size didn’t define  who I was.  It was my personality that [genuine] people cared about.  I can’t tell you why or how it happened, but from that time on, it seems the weight slowly started to come off.  And by the time I got married, my sister reported to me that my wedding guests were saying “she’s paper thin”.  (I did not diet or make special efforts to be thin for my wedding, I was simply back to my smaller size)

Honestly, I still struggle with my reflection in the mirror.  Even though US women’s clothing sizes say I’m a certain size on the label, I swear that label should be a few sizes larger.  People have told me I am thin, but my mirror's reflection taunts me with the images from the past.

And my mirror battles don’t stop at dress sizes.

I had terrible acne as a teen (I am so very thankful for makeup).  I don't let a morning go by without wearing makeup - I know it's my profession, but it's also an insecurity thanks to my acne days.

To this day, I spend lots of time after my nightly cleansing routine, checking for blemishes.  While I don’t find as much to poke on anymore, I can't help but note the development of discoloration and fine lines.

And then there is my snow white skin.  I rarely meet women with skin lighter in color than mine.  My mom has said, on more than one occasion, "I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone with legs as white as yours."  (check out my blogs about my quest for bronze skin here)

And then there a bad hair days (compliments of Houston’s extremely humid climate).

And then there are the wisdom hairs.

And then...

Fighting those negative images reminds me of this scripture:

“The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”  
Romans 8:6 (NIV)

I do have pure joy in knowing who I belong to and who created me and that gives me a peace that trumps even the most distorted mirror reflection.

The knowledge that God "knitted me together in my mother's womb" (Psalm 139:13) and created me to be the woman I am, allows me to step away from the mirror and greet the world with a confidence that is a divine gift.

If you struggle with self-doubt and negative self-image, don't try to force yourself into a mold you think the world wants to see because you will never be able to measure up to the constantly changing expections.

The love and peace of Christ never changes and realizing you were created in His image, and for His purpose, is the beautiful story called "Amazing Grace".  It's my story and it can be your story too.