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Natural Wedding Makeup in Galveston, TX

Natural Wedding Makeup Galveston TX
Happy Newlyweds

This blog post is late in posting.  It is not for lack of excitement, but lack of time and technology is not kind to me every time I try to combine travel and blog updating.  I wanted to give this lovely bride's photos special attention, since the talented His & Hers Foto so generously shared them with me!  I hope you enjoy reviewing this fabulous wedding as much as I did!

My most recent bridal client, Ashley, was a very detailed planner.  She wanted to book engagement portrait and wedding makeup before I usually begin committing to clients, but I am so glad I met her and came to around to meeting her terms!

Natural Wedding Makeup in Galveston, TX
I was honored to work with such a precious mother & daughter

I must say, the suite at Moody Gardens was one of the the best suites to host a bridal party I have had the opportunity to work in.  It was generously spacious and had lots of natural light.

Ashley has a natural glow and love for life - especially life with her furry, and feathered, friends.  You must see her unique feathered friend that made a grand entrance!  

Bridal Makeup by Makeup by Keri Ann

Unique bridal clients of Makeup by Keri Ann

Penguins are not normally allowed to participate at weddings at Moody Gardens.  
This was a rare event.

Moody Gardens weddings His and Hers Foto

While I did not get to stay to enjoy the wedding festivities, I am so glad I was able to see how this lovely bride looked on her most memorable day and her meticulous wedding planning turned out!

Makeup by Keri Ann Christmas bridal client
This wedding took place in November.
Moody Gardens was fully decorated for Christmas and it was lovely!

Makeup by Keri Ann and His & Hers Foto wedding Galveston
Grooms deserve some of the spotlight too!

Makeup by Keri Ann November bride Galveston, TX
That staircase!

Makeup by Keri Ann On-location makeup artist
That sunset!!!

Enjoy the rest of the wedding day photos captured, and generously shared by His & Hers Foto below.  Scroll to the end for a complete list of wedding vendors! I love seeing the events as they unfolded that day AND how my cilents' makeup did throughout the night.

Makeup by Keri Ann wedding makeup in Galveston, TX
Ceremony time! Wedding Heart Cereomonies Officient, Janice

Classic bridal makeup by Makeup by Keri Ann
The dress had pockets!!! Modern Affinity gown

Makeup by Keri Ann Real Wedding Inspiration
It's all in the details! Cakes by Julia sculptures pets too!

Real Wedding Inspiration Makeup by Keri Ann

Makeup by Keri Ann and His & Hers Foto wedding
Black and white photos are always a treat!

Makeup by Keri Ann wedding detail inspiration
What a great idea instant memory photo book! DJS Entertainment

Makeup by Keri Ann favorite Photographers
Oscar is in the top photo and Kristi is showing off an image to a guest.
This dynamic duo of photographers love what they do!

Makeup by Keri Ann Brides
Cake time!

Makeup by Keri Ann wedding makeup
This wedding party appeared to have danced the night away!

I was so honored to be a part of this this wedding! 

Ashley's vendor team:
Photography - His & Hers Foto
DJ, Mirror booth, uplighting - DJS Entertainment
Officiant - Wedding Heart Ceremonies (Janice)
Catering - Moody Gardens

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Monday, September 26, 2022

Women Are Fabulous Over 40!

 In January of this year I started working with the talented Hallie Keller of Hallie Keller Photography, doing makeup for her gorgeous clients.

Not only is makeup included in these fun photo sessions, but you can pick out some amazing gowns from Kary King Boutique!

Women over 40 are more confident in their own skin.  They are usually in the process of learning what life is like living with an empty nest.  They are enjoying getting to know their children as adults and they may be trying new things are accelerating their careers.  Documenting these years in a photo session to make you feel glamorous and fashionable is a gift to yourself, and/or your closest loved one(s)!

This session was so much fun and the fascinator added high fashion glam!

Enjoy these photos shared with me by Hallie Keller.  Makeup of course, is by yours truly, Makeup by Keri Ann!

Houston Makeup Artist for Women over 40
This white dress was stunning!
Photo Courtesy of Hallie Keller Photography

Makeup for Mature Women in Houston, TX
Naturally Beautiful Over 40!
Photo courtesy of Hallie Keller Photography

Makeup by Keri Ann Houston Makeup Artist
This dress was so much fun and provided by Kary King Boutique
Photo by Hallie Keller Photography

Houston Makeup Artist for Women over 40
Strike a Pose!  Being over 40 has never looked so good!
Photo courtesy of Hallie Keller Photography

Skin Care and Makeup for Women over 40
This is one of my favorites showing off Makeup by Keri Ann's Makeup!
Photo courtesy of Hallie Keller Photography

Mature Red Hair Makeup Looks
Every woman should feel glamorous!  I love giving clients a celebrity makeup experience!
Photo courtesy of Hallie Keller Photography
Dress and Fascinator provided by Kary King

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Monday, August 22, 2022

My Thoughts on Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Tutorials.  

They are mesmerizing and they are viral.  

Tweens, Teens, and people of all ages create them.

Why have I always avoided them?  

I know, from my many years of experience, that everyone has unique features and unique needs.  Skin tone, textures, and types will change how makeup is applied and how it stays on.

That is why I have always tried to offer tips and advice without doing tutorials. 

My IG feed is filled with makeup tutorials, and lately, I see the same MLM/Direct sellers pushing their makeup/contouring pallets in most of the same ways.  It bothers me for many reasons.  

Number one, as a former MLM/Direct Seller, I know that the sale of these pallets is not the goal of the women marketing these pallets.  They want to meet 10 women who will recruit 10 more women to set up online stores, who will in turn, bring in 10 more women to sell and pitch these product.  Volume is key, as in any business, but they make the most money on the individuals, not the products.

Number two, they often provide false senses of perception.  The video that I watched this weekend really made me mad.  I saw a very attractive brunette with large, round, deep set and prominent eyes.  She claimed this makeup tutorial was for women with hooded eyes.  She proceeded to use all of her colors and swipe  her shadow on her lid.  Women with hooded eyes have to create an actual crease and lid, but anyone with hooded eyes, following her advice, will end up disappointed and frustrated.  Eye shadow application on a hooded eye will not appear the same as it does on a person with such a large and prominent eye lid.

In my attempt to be authentic, I have avoided tutorials.  I know the best way to serve and teach someone is to face them, talk to them and visually see their features to advise placement and help techniques.  This is the advantage to a private makeup lesson or a makeup application.

Here is my short IG rant on the topic:

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Enter to Win My Summer Makeup Give Away!



To continue the 10 months of celebrations of achieving 10 years in business as a free-lance artist, I have been gifting some of my favorite products and sample size gifts!

The winner of this gift away will receive a large cosmetic carrier to carry your favorite products to the beach, or wherever your summer travels take you AND:  a travel size eye pallet, an eye cream and mascara travel set, a travel size Bronzer, and 2 travel size cleansers for normal to oily skin, a travel size clarifying lotion and a travel size spa moisturizer to keep your skin looking great before and after your makeup application!  Retail value of everything is approximately $80.

This contest is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the gifts I am giving.  All of the gift products have been purchased by me, or they have been given to me with the purchase of other cosmetic products.  All products are brand new and have not been tested on anyone.  This contest is not affiliated with google, blogger, or any social media contests.

To enter, you need to be 18 years old and have a residential address within the continental United States so I can ship your gift to you.  Unfortunately, I am unable to ship products outside of the continental U.S.

You MUST do all 3 things to be eligible:

1) Simply register to be a Makeup by Keri Ann Insider by filling out your details here.

2) Follow Makeup by Keri Ann by clicking here.

3) Tell me what your favorite summer makeup product is by leaving a comment on this blog post below.

Contest runs from Thursday, May 26, 20022 - Wednesday, June 1, 2022 11:59pm

Good luck!  Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me!  I hope you win some summer essentials!


Friday, April 29, 2022

Hydrating Skin Care Solutions Women over 40


I might have finally found skin care solutions for my super dry skin. 

I have Hashimotos, I fly frequently and my over 40 hormones are all contributing factors that cause me to battle dry skin on the daily.

What is the new routine that has worked for me?

Click here to watch!

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Monday, February 21, 2022

SkinCeuticals Product Review


Skinceuticals for Women over 40 with dry skin

I see Skinceuticals sold in dermatologist offices, in high end spas and recommended by lots of women in beauty facebook groups I follow.

Is the product name worth the hype?

I invested in a complete line of these products and gave them several months to work their skin care magic.

Were the products worth it?

Check out my latest product review here!

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Monday, January 3, 2022

YES! Top Houston MUA!


Top Houston Makeup Artist

YES! Last year is over!
YES! This year has new adventures!
YES! I love doing makeup for engagement portraits!
YES! I love doing makeup for weddings!
YES! I love teaching makeup lessons!
YES! I love entertaining women's groups with advice!
YES! I love doing makeup for proms!
YES! I love doing makeup for photography sessions!
YES! I love doing makeup for birthdays and celebrations!
YES! I love doing makeup for styled shoots!
YES! I love sharing makeup tips!
YES! I love celebrating 10 years as a freelance makeup artist!
YES! I love being named one of Houston's Top Makeup Artists!

What will you say "Yes!" to this year?

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I am always ready to say "Yes!"

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Houstons Top Makeup Artists _ Makeup by Keri Ann