Monday, November 9, 2020

Tatcha Product Purchase Review No. 2


My 2nd Tatcha order arrived with the 3 samples as promised & also delivered in my previous order (you can see that review by clicking here).

The products I purchased were:

Luminous Dew Skin Night Concentrate - 10 ML / 0.34 OZ Travel Size
I ordered this hoping to hydrate my skin every night.  This product comes with a little gold spatula for application.  The consistency of this product is almost like a pudding.  It is very hard to balance on the tiny spatuala, but once you rub the concentrate into the skin, it melts into s smooth and creamy moisturizer.  My first impression:  I like the way this product feels in application.  No noticeable scent.  I did wake up with more hydrated skin. A tiny bit of this product goes a very long way.  The first few nights, I only used this product as night cream, but I have found I have more supple skin the next morning if I apply this product on top of The Dewy Skin Cream.

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist - 12 ML / 0.4 OZ Travel Size
This hydrating mist can be worn throughout the day to hydrate and illuminate the skin.  I like the light and refreshing scent.  It does not feel heavy or greasy.  The first few mists I loved.  But late in the day, my skin felt dry.  Still must determine if this dry feeling is because of lack of moisture or if it due from other makeup products under my foundation.

The Silk Canvas - 7G / 0.24 OZ Travel Size
A client recently raved about this primer and I have seen other women in beauty groups I am in rave about how smooth this primer makes skin look, so I went ahead and added a sample to my order.  I love the initial feel of this product, but I honestly feel after several days of wear, it may actual dry my skin out.  I am not not sure my foundation is any smoother with this product.  Like so many other products in this line, it may be great for normal skin, but I am not sure it is designed for those of us with severely dehydrated skin.

The Kissu Lip Mask - 9G / 0.32 OZ Full Size
This product comes with a little gold spatula for application.  A tiny (and I mean tiny) little bit of this jelly type product goes a very long way, so it will last a very, very long time.  It feels great.  Most lips masks I have tried are to be rinsed off, but this one is made to sleep in.  Overnight, my lips were softer and smoother than the night before. After using it a few nights, my lips are soft, but they still have a tendency to peel during the day. I don't regret the purchase, but I am not sure I will reorder when finished (by that time, a new and improved product will debut, as that is how cosmetic companies roll).

Once the initial excitement of unpacking my delivery wore off, I realized I was missing one product set I ordered.  It was on the packing list, but it was not in my box nor was it scheduled for a future delivery.

I quickly contacted customer service and I was notified that evening that the product I had ordered was being processed for delivery.  GREAT customer service interaction.

Stay turned for another review!

As always, I would love to know what you, and your skin, felt about any of these products, if you have tried them!

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