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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ashton Gardens West Houston Real Wedding

 I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite makeup clients, Doni.  All of my clients are near and dear to my heart, but this girl lights up a room with her joy.  I have never seen her as happy as she was on this day last October!

Makeup by Keri Ann bridal Makeup
Makeup by Keri Ann's happy bridal client, Doni & her groom on their wedding day

I am usually the last vendor to be booked, but for this wedding, in October of 2019, I was actually one of the FIRST vendors booked for this wedding! I have had the opportunity to do Doni's makeup, and her family members' makeup, multiple times for several of their special events.

And while I only usually post professional photos, I am including these cute cell phone photos because, they captured the big day so well.

Houston Makeup Artist Makeup by Keri Ann
Wedding Day Beauty Preparations

Megan Malone, helped create the perfect hairstyles for Doni and her mom!

The ceremony space at Ashton Gardens West Houston makes you forget you are in the city.

While Doni loves makeup and color, Doni's mom does not. So we did an "au natural" look for her.

Introducing the very happy couple!!

Congratulations, Doni! 
May you always dance with joy in your marriage!
Thank you so much for once again inviting me to play a special part of your wedding day memories!
(This is one of the few weddings I was also invited to attend as a guest, so honored!)
I am blessed with the best clients!

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Burbank Trip to Besame Cosmetics

I have been meaning to write this post for some time and, unfortunately, many of the products I have purchased and feature in this post are being discontinued.

Burbank Cosmetics Trip _ Besame Cosmetics _ Besame Purchase and review _ Makeup by Keri Ann
Besame Cosmetics in Burbank Welcome Sign

Last spring, I had one of the longest and most splendid over nights in Burbank, CA.  The weather was fabulous. I needed exercise and new makeup (I had just changed my hair color), but I didn't want to go to a store I could go to in Houston.  

So, with a little help from Google, I found this great vintage cosmetic store I could walk to, called Besame.  

What a charming surprise!  Before you open the door, you are transferred to a much simpler time.  

Once I stepped inside, I could picture my grandmothers shopping at such a quaint store - everything appeared to be a storefront you would imagine visiting in the 1930s or 1940s.

The Besame cosmetic line is not overwhelming, but they offer a great assortment of products and everything is packaged with a vintage flair.  

They are able to offer cosmetics with Disney license, which has earned them quite a following with Disney fans the world over.

I am so fair, I have a hard time finding a foundation that will match my skin tone right out of the packaging.

I know how to custom create foundation, I do it for every one of my clients, but honestly, I am too lazy to do it for myself.  I was hoping to find a true vintage pancake makeup, but those are more elusive to find than a true porcelain color of foundation.

Besame actually had a perfect shade of foundation for me! 

Besame Cashmere Foundation Review in Natural Beige_Makeup by Keri Ann_Burbank Makeup
Besame Cashmere Foundation Stick in Natural Beige

It is called Natural Beige - I have never been a beige skin tone in my life!!! 

The Cashmere Foundation Stick sounds and feels creamy, but my sales consultant warned me the cream to powder formula would be too dry for my skin, and sadly, it is.  I love wearing it, and apply plenty of moisturizer before application, but by the end of the day my skin feels too dry. 

I had to invest in the Vanilla Brightening Powder, because powder is the perfect way to polish off your makeup and this one smells like Vanilla!  I just love the little details when opening this powder!

Besame Vanilla Face Powder_Packaging Details_Makeup by Keri Ann product purchase
Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder Packaging

The shade of blush looks subtle, it is called Sun Kissed, but the pigment was surprisingly intense and my first application resulted in me attempting to soften it with powder brushes, cotton balls and Kleenex.

I love the vintage packing of this blush, but I found it was terribly hard to open - one morning it finally flew out of my hands and broke.  If the container had been metal, as the original design was probably made of, I suspect I might have had an an easier time opening it, but I am not entirely sure.

Besame Translucen Blush in Sun Kissed, Besame Chocolate Kiss Lipstick and Travel brush and my makeup after applying all of my new Besame Cosmetics
The lipstick is a beautiful shade of red, called Chocolate Kiss.  It is a true replica of a popular lipstick in 1970.  I love how creamy the lipstick is and how it does not seem to dry out my lips.  I had lost my favorite travel lip brush and was so excited to see they carried one too - I just had to invest!  I also snagged a new eyeshadow brush, because you can never have too many of those either.

I am waiting for another Burbank overnight so I can visit this great little cosmetic store again!  The price point is very affordable.

If you find yourself on Magnolia Boulevard, I highly suggest you stop in, browse for yourself, and then be sure to let me know what treasures you found!

Burbank CA cosmetic purchase_Besame Csosmetics_Makeup by Keri Ann review
Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA discovers Besame Cosmetics in Burbank, CA

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Simple Tips to Apply Makeup and Work Out

The Fit Fifteen Makeup by Keri Ann Podcast Work Out and Stay Made Up
How to Work Out and Stay Made Up with The Fit Fifteen Podcast

I know many people have made New Year's resolutions to get in shape and go to the gym.  Catherine, the owner of Fit Armadillo and hostess of The Fit Fifteen podcast, asked me to share some easy tips to help incorporate a beauty regimen into your fitness routine.

All it takes is a little planning.  I hope you find these tips helpful.

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I'd love to hear about how you incorporate beauty into your fitness routine, favorite products you use, etc.

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