Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Little Details Make a Huge Difference in Professional Head Shots

Makeup by Keri Ann Head Shot by His and Hers Foto

I recently had some new head shots taken by His and Hers Foto and I was reminded, once again, about the importance of having a person on set with you to help you perfect the details in your photo.

In the first few test shots, I borrowed 1/2 of the His & Hers Foto team (Kristi), to be a “model” for me.  After Kristi stepped back into her photographer role, she noticed I had something sticking out of my jacket pocket - something I didn’t realize was in my pocket and something that would not have been noticed if Kristi had not been looking on with an objective eye.

Notice anything?  Once Kristi left my chair, she spotted it right away!

I have had the opportunity to accompany a few photographers on their on-location head shot portrait sessions.  I am hired by the photographer/client to provide makeup touch up services (touching up under the eyes, eliminating shine on faces and heads, brightening cheeks and lips and taming fly away hairs).   

But, I also add additional value, as another objective set of eyes.  I often spot check for lint on clothing, straighten necklaces, make sure wrinkles are out of jackets, and see that ties and scarves are properly in place, etc.
I have always discovered little things in my own family portraits that were overlooked just because no one was behind the camera to help perfect and refine the details for me.  Photographers are concerned with lighting, shadows, and the composition of the photo.  
When booking your head shot portrait session, find out if there will be a detail person on set or if you need to bring your own objective eye to get the most out of your photography investment.

Makeup artists can be that objective eye for all photography clients, not just makeup wearing clients.

I would love to be of service to you for your next professional head shot session!

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