Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Houston Racquet Club Bridal Portraits | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

This is my real bridal client, Ellen.

When Ellen's mom shared the sneak peek bridal photo with me, I had to reach out to her photographer, Lawrence Elizabeth, to ask to see more photos, as my first thought was this photo looks just the bridal portrait of a royal princess!  

Once I saw the full gallery of bridal photos taken at the Houston Racquet Club, I asked permission from Lawrence Elizabeth Photography, to share them with you! 

The makeup was done by me, Makeup by Keri Ann, and the bride's hair was styled by the very talented Meagan Malone.

Enjoy the beauty of my bridal client, the photography, and the scenic background!

Bridal Makeup _ Houston Brides

Houston Makeup Artist _ Bridal portrait makeup _ Houston Bridal portraits

Houston Makeup Artist _ Memorial Brides_ Houston Brides _ Houston Weddings

Houston Weddings _ Houston Brides _ Memorial Brides _ Houston Makeup Artist

HTX Weddings _ Memorial Area Brides Memorial Makeup Artist

Houston Bridal Portrait Makeup _ Houston Makeup Artist _ Makeup Services for Memorial Area

Houston Weddings _ Houston Brides _ Bridal Portrait Makeup _ Houston Makeup Artist

Houston Brides _ Houston Weddings_Houston Makeup Artist

Houston Brides _ Memorial Brides _ Memorial Weddings _ Memorial Makeup Artist

Houston Brides_Houston Weddings_Memorial Weddings_Memorial Makeup Artist

Houston Makeup Artist _ Houston Weddings_Classic Bridal Makeup

Classic Makeup_Bridal Portraits _ Houston Makeup Artist_Memorial Area Brides

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