Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lip Color Does Make A Difference in Photos

Of course, I love doing all types of makeup, but I really enjoy doing corporate portrait makeup.

Going into a corporate setting is like going home for me, since I was previously a corporate chaplain and had the opportunity to visit many diverse businesses in the Houston area.  I always enjoy learning about where people are from and how they arrived in Houston.  The variety of careers in Houston is also fascinating.  

Most of the time, women arrive for their corporate portraits with full makeup on, but I am always surprised at how many women show up without lip color on.  Most Gen Y women don't like lipstick and only prefer gloss.  And many women like the "natural lip" look.

This photo was a before photo taken by Eric Kleiman Photography.  As you can see, the client has full makeup on, but she was prepared to take a photo with her lips completely "au natural".

Lips without lip color Makeup by Keri Ann
Natural lip photo by Eric Kleiman Photography

I noticed that she didn't want a lot of lip color, but mixed up a subtle shade that complimented her skin tone.  Here is the after photo.

Natural lip color_Need to wear lip color_Portrait appropriate lip color
Lip color provided by Keri Ann Reardon owner of  Makeup by Keri Ann and
Photo courtesy of Eric Kleiman Photography

In this case, lip color disguised her chapped lips and defined her naturally beautiful lip shape, without adding too much color.  

I hope this photo proves that a little lip color makes a big difference in your appearance and I ALWAYS suggest putting some color on your lips for photographs.

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