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Are There Different Types of Airbrush Makeup?

Makeup by Keri Ann Houston Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush Makeup Gun

There are so many types of traditional makeup foundations - liquid, cream, matte, water-based, etc.

There Are at least 3 Different Types of Airbrush Makeup:

Silicone based
Benefits:  Known to be “long lasting” and this is the type of product most Houston Makeup Artists (MUAs) use and trust.
Negatives:  It will run with natural tears and it will settle into lines and accentuate pores. 
Keri Ann’s opinion:  I have tried working with silicone airbrush makeup but I do not like the amount of dry time the product needs.  This makeup does not blend well with a brush.  The most popular silicone airbrush brand foundation has way too many pink and red undertones in it and I don’t find it blends well with olive skin tones. I am very good at custom blending colors but I don't like the colors available in the silicone brand I've tried.

Alcohol based
Benefits:  It is long-lasting and water-resistant.  
Negatives:  It is suggested that it should be removed with a special remover.
Keri Ann’s opinion:  While I have used alcohol based makeup several times, I have not used it enough to have strong opinions about it.  I have used this product to cover tattoos and my clients have seemed happy with the results.  I used this product a few times for underwater photography models and the makeup foundation stayed very well.  I don’t think I ever remembered to give the special remover to my clients, and none of my clients ever complained, so from a long-wearing perspective, it passes the test. 

(One of my clients, who cries excessively, said that even though the alcohol based product stayed on her ankle tattoo for days, it did not survive her tears on her face.  I did not apply the makeup as thick on her face as I did on her ankle because her face was flawless and she didn't need as much coverage).

I don't reach for the alcohol based product very often, as I am so concerned about skin irritancy and allergies. Alcohol can dry the skin, so my first choice in cosmetics are always the ones that are safe and gentle for all skin types.

Water based
Benefits:  Feels the lightest and looks the most like natural skin.  
Negatives:  It runs easily, is not full coverage, finds fine lines.  
Keri Ann’s opinion:  Believe it or not, this is the airbrush makeup I use the most.  The brand I use has a small and concise color line, but can be mixed together to create any shade I need. This makeup allows me to layer other cosmetic products with it and it blends beautifully.  When I need additional coverage (for acne coverage, etc.), I can use a makeup brush to apply additional product.  To prevent this particular makeup from running, I apply powder and set with a makeup finishing spray - just like traditional foundation.

Most airbrush makeup has a matte look to it, which is great for the camera.  For clients with dry skin, a primer or additional supplement will be needed to help the makeup look and feel better.

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