Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 Makeup Tips to Help Women Look Younger

I work with women of all ages, but older women always request for me to make them look younger.

Women can look more youthful by using products and techniques to their advantage.  Here are some of my best tips:

1)  Take care of your skin.  Use eye creams and facial moisturizers to hydrate the skin (don't forget to treat your neck and décolleté areas).  Use moisturizers with SPF to prevent age spots.  

2)  Use makeup primers.  A dry piece of wood will soak up all of the paint unless it is primed & your skin work the same way.  There are a variety of primers on the market, be sure to read about their uses here.

3)  Liquid and cream makeups are the best options for mature skin.  Matte makeup will enhance your pores and will accentuate those little creases.  

4)  Creamy cheek colors are better for dry skin and create a "youthful glow".

5)  Avoid makeup that has a lot of glitter in it - especially on the eyes.  There are a few companies that make some beautiful matte eyeshadow palettes and you can find individual shades in matte colors too.

6)  Change the way you apply eyeliner:
- If you must wear black liner, wear it very thin and close to your lash line.
- A brown or slate gray liner will soften your appearance.
- Consider eliminating bottom eyeliner or use an eye shadow instead of liner on the bottom 

7)  Use an appropriate powder.  Some women fear powder, but there are some great powders out there for mature women.  If you don't want to powder your entire face, just powder the areas needing a little oil control or areas where makeup needs to be set in place.

8)  Don't skip lip primer or lip liners - especially if you have a problem with lipstick bleeding into fine lines around the mouth.

9)  Opt for subtle or more muted shades of makeup than when you were younger.  Retire bright and vivid makeup - especially eyeshadows and eyeliners.

10)  Educate yourself about current trends.  Nothing dates a woman more than wearing the makeup from 20-30 years ago!

I usually never endorse products, but the list below are a few product favorites I use on my clients:

Keri Ann Houston makeup artist product fabs for clients

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