Friday, April 24, 2015

Does Airbrush Makeup Really Minimize Fine Lines & Pores?

A big "selling" point for using airbrush makeup is the claim that Airbrush Makeup Minimizes Fine Lines & Pores.  In today's post I am going to honestly tell you how airbrush makeup looks in person and what different professionals I work with have said about airbrush makeup.

Keep in mind that airbrush makeup was designed specifically for the camera.  It's spray mimics the digital pixels and how it looks in person is different than how it appears on camera.

Airbrush makeup looks great on really young skin!  For teenage skin it looks fantastic!

Airbrush makeup DOES NOT look so great in person if you have any fine lines.  Airbrush makeup does have a tendency to work it's way into fine lines and creases in the skin and it does accentuate them.  I have tried the various types of airbrush makeup and the results are the same.

Airbrush makeup DOES make pores more noticeable in person.  I may not notice large pores on a client until I apply airbrush makeup.  Suddenly those pores become very obvious.

When I first started using airbrush makeup, I was applying it on mothers and daughters and noticing the incredibly huge difference in the way the skin looked.  I thought I might be applying the makeup incorrectly, but then I sought the opinion of professionals.  

Here is what some of the pros I know say about airbrush makeup:

Photographer Niki Gregg, Photography by Niki, said she recommends only using airbrush makeup on women under 30.  For clients over 30, she recommends traditional makeup.

Lorie Speich, owner of A Splendid Event, says she can always tell when mature brides or mothers of the bride or groom have had airbrush makeup applied.  She says airbrush makeup is never as forgiving as traditional makeup. 

Photographer Jason Snow, Jason Snow Photography, tells all of his clients to only use traditional makeup.  He does not like the look of airbrush makeup.

Photographer Kasey Greenfield, Kasey Lynn Photography, says that even though airbrush makeup may not look good in person (by the end of the evening or after a few hours of wear), airbrush makeup really does photograph beautifully.

I want my clients to look as good in person as they do in their photos - especially if they will be at a wedding or a special event.  If I have a high school or college student going to a formal, I will encourage airbrush makeup, but for most other events, I strongly encourage traditional makeup.  Ultimately, I allow the client decide what she is comfortable wearing.

I'd love to know what you think about airbrush makeup.

Please leave your comments here if you've worn it or seen it in person or on camera!

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