Monday, January 14, 2013

Makeup Tip #28 - Keeping your Eyes on the Road

While driving to a recent appointment in the middle of Houston's rush hour traffic (and on the 610 loop), I was behind a gal who was so busy applying her makeup, I think she forgot she was on the freeway!  

Traffic was already moving at a snail's pace, but our lane could have progressed faster if she had not been distracted by putting on her makeup.  (I am betting she was a great multi-tasker and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she was driving, talking AND applying makeup.)  

Those of you who wait to apply mascara and eyeliner until you are in your car, you are not only causing traffic obstacles, but you are putting the health of your beautiful eyes at risk.  Stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil or mascara wand can cause damage to your cornea.  In extreme cases, blindness can occur, so stop and think before you apply.

Since we are still in January, I would like to encourage the makeup procrastinators out there to resolve to get up a few minutes earlier and make up the majority of your face BEFORE you leave your house.  If that's too much of a stretch, at least have your eye makeup completed BEFORE getting in the car.  

Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the scenery - or begin to count how many people apply cosmetics in the car while they travel the roads.

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