Monday, October 1, 2012

Makeup Tip #21 - Makeup Questions from Girl Scouts

I was asked to teach basic makeup application to a group of 12 year old Girl Scouts on Saturday evening.  

Even though these girls aren't wearing much makeup yet, they had some really great questions about makeup.  Their questions were way too good to go undocumented, so I will share a few of them with you here.

Q: Is there eyeshadow for certain ages?   __________ wears really bright shadows and it makes her eyes look really weird.

A:  I believe you want to know if there are some types of shadows that look better on more mature faces.  The answer is that mature women need to refrain from wearing metallic or shimmery eye shadows.  Metallic and shimmery shadows look great on young women but older women should opt for eyeshadow shades without the shimmer.

Q:  Why do some people have a certain lipstick color and then have a really dark (black?) line around their lips?

A:  The darker line is most likely a lip liner.  In the past it was popular for women to line their lips with a darker shade of lip liner and fill in the lip line with lipstick.  Now the trend is to use a color of lip liner that is close to your natural lip shade.  I also recommend filling in your entire lip with the lip liner to help your lip gloss or lipstick stay on longer AND to prevent a really obvious line from showing up.

Q:  Why do some ladies have really dark black lines like all around their eyes?

A:  They are probably wearing really dark black eyeliner.  This was a popular trend for a while.  And women who like dramatic eyes and makeup will wear really bold black liners too.  You girls are really young and when you do start wearing liner, you probably want to choose a softer shade of eyeliner.  Remember the darker the liner, the smaller your eye will appear.*

These girls are obviously watching and taking notes about women around them.  I would guess that a majority of the questions the girls asked were related to outdated makeup application.

I know we are all busy and get stuck in our makeup routines, but take some time to study the current trends and update your style.  If you don't, your name might come up in a Girl Scout makeup Q&A session!  I've already covered some of the trends for Fall 2012 in Makeup Tip #19!

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*I realize that dark eyeliner can also be used to make your eyes appear larger, but it takes a great artist and steady hand to apply it correctly.  I didn't want to confuse the girls, as we were sticking to the basics.

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