Monday, October 8, 2012

Makeup Tip #22 - Foundation tips for Bronze Skin

When I work with bronze skin clients they often tell me that they have a hard time finding foundation to match their skin tone.

While all skin tones require a stripe test to determine an exact match for color, women with bronze skin can't afford to skip this process.  Tones that appear to be the wrong color on a pallet or in a bottle, may actually turn out to match perfectly once applied to the skin.  Shades that appear to match in the package may end up being completely wrong.  Remember that fluorescent lighting also skews color, so always opt for natural light when matching shades on your skin.

My preferred choice of foundation for bronze skin is mineral powder.  Mineral powder absorbs oil, can be layered to achieve the perfect amount of coverage and it blends easily.   I always like to see how the mineral powder evens skin tone and covers minor imperfections.  It is also the perfect choice for women who do not wear a lot of makeup.  Not all mineral powders are created equal, so be sure to try the product before you buy it.

My favorite tip for applying mineral powder is to spritz the kabuki brush with one squirt of water from a fingertip sprayer and then tap of excess powder before applying.  This tip will prevent too much powder from flying around the room & up your nose.

Bronze women also have a tendency to have "facial masking" or two different pigments of skin.  Facial masking is usually more prominent in mature women, but it is not unusual for younger women to notice different pigmentation either.

It is not uncommon for bronze skin tones to use two different shades of foundation, but you must BLEND well and make sure you have the correct shades of foundation.  Use a foundation brush or sponge to apply liquid foundation and blend shades together correctly.

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