Monday, June 25, 2012

Makeup Tip #12 - Less is More

I have to thank my photographer friend, Sheree Leblanc with Monkey Doodle Photography, for today's tip of the day.  She was recently out of town with a bunch of models and reported overhearing instructions to the models.  What did she hear consistently being repeated to the models?  "Tone down the makeup."

How to get the "less is more" look:

  • Wear a sheer foundation.  Heavy creams are out.  Mineral powder is really the most natural choice.  You can layer mineral powder until you get the desired coverage.*
  • Contour cheeks  and other areas with a bronzing powder.  Contouring helps to define your bone structure & face shape.  (If you are super fair like me, bronzing powder maybe too dark.  You can contour with foundation or powder a shade or two darker than what you normally wear)
  • Apply cheek color (in a soft shade to compliment skin tone) to the apples of your cheeks and blend up into the hairline.
  • DON'T wear bold lips & eye colors when attempting a natural look.**
  • For really soft & natural eyes you can skip the liner & apply mascara OR you may opt for only lining the top of the eyes OR you can choose a soft liner & line both top & bottom.  Always soften the liner with a brush or fine tipped Qtip.
  • Line lips with neutral liner or lipstick and apply a lip gloss.
Summer is a GREAT time to practice the "less is more" look, so lighten up!

*To keep mineral powder from flying, invest in a fingertip sprayer.  Mist your kabuki brush once or twice with water. Dip kabuki brush into mineral powder, tap of excess and apply powder to face.  You won't have to breathe in as much powder & your counter won't be a mess either!

**If you want eyes to stand out, wear bolder eye shades & choose a subtle lip color.  If you want your lips to stand out, wear brighter lip color & soften your eye color.

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