Monday, July 2, 2012

Makeup Tip #13 - Lash Primers & Mascara

Just when I think I've covered all of the makeup primers, I realize there is more to talk about!  I have been trying Lash Primer for about two weeks and I thought I would let you know what it is and how it works.

Lash primer is designed to add volume to your lashes.  It is also clear and I have found that it separates the lashes really well.  I have also discovered that I need to use less mascara AND my mascara doesn't clump up on the lashes which is a major plus!  I have also discovered, in my trial, that my mascara does not flake at night when removing it - an added bonus!  At first, I was skeptical about mascara primer & it's usefulness, but I think I am becoming a fan.

Minimalist gals who like clear mascara, can get the same benefit (& maybe a few extra benefits) from using mascara primer.

Before I talk about mascara, remember to protect your eyes &

When choosing mascara, the market has an endless number of choices:  there are products to lengthen, define and volumize lashes.  To make it more confusing, cosmetic companies will combine two or three of these features to create an even greater selection.  Select a mascara based on what you need to accomplish.

If you cry easily OR work out a lot OR have allergies, don't forget to select a waterproof formula.

The new style of rubber tipped wands really do help to separate every lash for a perfect look.

However, you aren't finished choosing mascara based on how you want enhance your lashes.  Now you have a to select a color.  The basic color options are black, brown, and black/brown.  If those colors are too basic and boring, there are other colors of mascara out there to help you create your own style of lashes.  (If you need to go to an "eighties" party or create a "retro" look, opt for colored mascara - it was very popular then!)

For fair skin & hair, I usually opt for the black/brown mascara.  It's not as harsh as black.  I typically stay away from brown mascara - I believe that it's too light by itself, but it is useful.

To make lashes appear full using only mascara, try "minking" your lashes.  First apply a coat of brown mascara from the base of the lashes to the tip of the lashes.  Then apply black mascara to just the tips of the lashes.

Another tip for you:  Eyelash combs are great tools to separate lashes & release clumps, but so are disposable mascara wands.  You can find these in a beauty supply store.

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