Monday, June 18, 2012

Makeup Tip #11 - Getting Color to Last on your Lips... Makeup by Keri Ann Houston Makeup Artist for All of Life's Special Events

Lip Gloss is super popular today and I love the look and feel of gloss, but getting the gloss color to stay in place is a challenge.

To make your lip color last, here is what I have always done:
  1. Outline & FILL IN the entire lip with lip liner.  This will help you define the shape of your lip & provide a base color for the next layer. 
  2. I usually always apply a cream lipstick shade next, but this step can be skipped over.
  3. Apply lip gloss (don't squeeze your lips together after applying gloss) and Voila!  You have beautiful long lasting colorful lips!
Some people may find it necessary to apply a lip primer before step #1.  Lip primer is designed to help prevent feathering & bleeding around the mouth & it helps lip products adhere to the lip.  It is also softer than applying a wooden liner pencil, so depending on your lip liner formula, you may want to try a lip primer first.

I often use a warm or cool liner and then top with the opposite cool or warm color, to create the perfect shade of lip color that I need.

Now go show off your perfect pout!

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