Monday, May 28, 2012

Makeup Tip #8 - A Smile Makes you More Attractive

Today is Memorial Day and a time to remember all of our fallen heroes.  We are so very blessed to have generations before us who loved liberty and freedom so much they gave up their lives for that purpose.

As I think about men & women who are serving in our military all over the world today, I know the one universal sign they can relate to is a smile.  A smile breaks the ice in any situation and is recognized in all cultures.

When I researched smiling, I discovered a research survey, conducted by Orbitz Complete (a Wrigley company), in Britain comparing photos of the same woman.  In the first photo, the woman was wearing makeup but she was not smiling and in the second photo she was smiling but not wearing makeup.  66% of the men surveyed and 70% of women surveyed, believed that the smiling photo made the woman more attractive.

So your makeup tip today won't create a need to invest in more product, it just requires you to practice the art of smiling more!

In addition to being viewed as more attractive, smiling can also have health benefits.  This week, make sure you smile at strangers, your family, and even yourself, as a smile is contagious and can brighten the day and mood of those around you!

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