Monday, May 21, 2012

Makeup Tip #7 - Broken Inside

"I feel so broken..."

These were words my client spoke through tears this week and they have lingered with me over the weekend.  Those words are dark and gray - void of color and life.  Those words are heavy - the weight of them have suppressed and imprisoned joy.

While my client actually had the courage to audibly verbalize how she felt, so many women feel the same way.  Many women are walking around looking perfect on the outside, yet a vast majority of those women are broken on the inside.  Some of them have cracks in their soul, while many others are completely shattered inside.  

I know my job as a makeup artist is to only focus on the outside appearance, however, true beauty really is only skin deep, so I'd like to spend some time talking about inside the heart.

Visualize a large room filled with women (they could be gathered for business, attending a child's school activity or they could be young college students meeting for the first time).  

Do you have the picture in your head?  
Do you see them?  All shapes and sizes?  
Do you see at least 50-100 women.  
What do they look like?  What do they sound like?l

Now here's a sobering statistic for you:  1 out of every 5 of those women in that room you just visualized have been sexually abused in some way.  Others have experienced abuse that may have been emotional, physical or verbal.

The voices in our head tell us we're "not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough."  We're "too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, etc."  We're "clumsy".  We "never say the right things or we're just not witty enough."  

After listening to that everyday, multiple times a day, is it any wonder that we look in the mirror and begin to critique our looks?

As you meet and talk with women this week, think about that statement, "I feel so broken..."  Before you mentally judge her speech, her manners and her style, think about the fact that she may feel broken inside and cut her some slack.  Make sure you sincerely compliment at least 2 women every day!

Tonight when you go home and look in the mirror, I have a challenge for you.  

Before you take your makeup off, stand a good 12 - 24" away from the mirror, think about ONE thing you like about yourself (it could be something about your appearance or a talent you have or something about your personality).  Affirm that one thing, out loud, to yourself in the mirror and write it down.  I dare you to begin a list and add one positive thing about yourself  to your list every day.

I would love to hear from you and find out who will accept my challenge!  
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**If you feel cracked or shattered on the inside, don't continue to live in despair.  There is hope!  Please talk to a trained professional.  Your soul may find comfort in Psalm 42:11.**


  1. What a fantastic blog! It was sobering, yet full of encouragement and love. God truly speaks through you! I accepted your challenge, even though I had already taken off my makeup!

    You are an AWESOME woman! Keep up the good work!

  2. So glad you accepted my challenge. Now the challenge is to keep it up!