Monday, May 14, 2012

Makeup Tip #6 - Makeup Mistakes

When I teach ladies how to apply makeup, I always remind them that there is "No such thing as a makeup mistake."

EVERY incorrect makeup application can be corrected, so don't be afraid to try new things! 

What if I put too much on?  Powder over it, smudge it out with a Q-tip or cotton ball, OR take a clean makeup brush and blend it out (if it's really too intense, all of the above methods may be needed).  

What if my cheek color is too high or low?  Try to "erase" the area you don't want cheek color on with one of the above methods or you may even opt to cover with another layer of foundation.

What if my eyeshadow is too dark? Remove as much as you need with a clean brush or sponge tip and then find really light shade and start blending it over the darkest parts.  Remember, you want light colors on the inside corners of your eyes (next to your nose).

What if I just applied my mascara and now I have some on the skin under my eye?  DON'T mess with fresh mascara!  Just let the mascara dry and  you will be able to remove it easily with a Q-tip from the unwanted area.

What if I just applied the wrong shade of lipstick?  Try adding another color on top.  Mixing several different shades of lipstick, liner and gloss can create dazzling new shades, so your "mistake" may assist in the creation of a brand new hue!

Before declaring your look a disaster, make sure you are standing a good arm's length away from the mirror to really judge your appearance.  Very few people stand inches from your face, so be sure to get the proper perspective when reviewing your makeup.

If, after following the steps above, you still find that your makeup is not correct, simply get a small amount of cleanser and a wash cloth and remove it all to start from scratch.

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