Monday, May 7, 2012

Makeup Tip #5 - Foundation Primers

Last week we discussed primers and how great they are.  Many foundation primers advertised today are tinted green and purple and I want to help you figure out what color, if any, is needed for your skin. 

If you don't wish to have a tinted primer, you may also opt for color correcting concealers.  Color correcting concealers are your best option, if you have a need to completely camouflage an area.  With the concealer, you control the amount and placement of the color correction.

When using tinted concealers, apply sparingly.  If you use too much color correcting product can show through your foundation.

The most common basic colors to neutralize skin imperfections are:

  • Green -  mint green will cancel out any redness or pink in the skin.  Green is a great option to conceal red acne or Rosacea problems.
  • Lavender - lavender will cancel out yellow undertones.  Choose this option when you need to cover bruises or to brighten up really yellow skin tones.
  • Yellow -  yellow will cancel out blue and purple undertones.  Choose this option to conceal really dark under eye circles or bruises.
  • Orange - peachy orange undertones cancel out blue undertones.
Once you have applied your color corrector, allow product to dry.  Apply concealer appropriate for your skin tone and then apply foundation.

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