Monday, April 30, 2012

Makeup Tip #4 - Makeup Primers

Today's topic is about Makeup Primer.

If you are going to paint a brand new sheet rock wall, a fresh piece of wood or a new canvas, you start with a primer first.  I've skipped this step once or twice on some projects at home and once my paint started to dry, I was very sorry I skipped the primer.  

Do you know what happened when I didn't use the primer?  First, all of my good paint absorbed directly into my project and I had to use more paint than I originally intended to use.  To get the true color of my paint, I had to paint multiple layers - adding a lot more time to complete my project. 

It's so important to realize that your face is very much like a canvas.  Before you apply makeup, please do everything you can to create a smooth and even foundation for your makeup, including using a good skin care (which I covered in Makeup Tip #1) AND using primer.

There are foundation primers, eye shadow primers and lip primers.  Each primer an important role.

Foundation primers are designed to create a "second skin" on your face.  
  • They fill in fine lines and smooth over pores to create a smooth surface for foundation to adhere to.  Primer also acts as a magnet, causing foundation to "stick" to the primer thus maximizing the length of time your foundation stays on your face.
  • Foundation primers can be clear and some are tinted to neutralize skin discoloration.
  • Some primers come with SPF sun protection and some are formulated for different skin types, so before selecting a primer, make sure you know what you need.
  • Apply foundation primer on top of your moisturizer and before your foundation.
  • Allow your primer to dry completely and then apply foundation for a flawless finish.
Eyeshadow primers create a crease resistant surface for eye makeup to adhere to. 
  • They also help the eyeshadow to stay true to color and increase the staying power of your eye makeup.  
  • I LOVE my eyeshadow primer!  I don't have to think about doing anything to touch up my eyes.  I simply apply in the morning and remove with eye makeup remover at night! 
  •  Always allow primer to dry before applying eye makeup.
Lip primer is designed to fill in the fine lines around the mouth area AND it prevents the lip color from bleeding.  
  • Again, it creates a smooth surface for lipstick to apply to it increases the staying power of your lip color.  
  • Apply lip primer and wait a few seconds and allow the product to absorb into your skin before applying lipstick.

"Primer turns a good makeup job into a FLAWLESS makeup look!" 

I would love to show you what a difference primer can make.  

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