Monday, April 23, 2012

Makeup Tip #3 - Foundation Selection

"If you like the feel of your foundation, you will want to put it on everyday!"

There are so many types of foundation out there it can seem overwhelming, but it's really not!  

Cream foundations are typically thick foundations and are typically for women with Normal/Dry Skin and are not usually recommended for women with Combo/Oily skin.  These foundations cover everything.  Cream foundations are not as popular as they once were, because they typically are oil based and they are so much heavier than the other foundations on the market.  Apply with a sponge for even coverage.

Liquid foundations today are typically water based and come in a variety of coverage options.  Apply with a sponge or foundation brush.

  • Full coverage is typically for Normal/Dry Skin
  • Light to Medium coverage typically offers a more sheer coverage and is usually for Normal/Oily Skin.
  • Matte coverage offers a powder finish and you may not even need a powder to set this type of foundation.  
  • Today liquid foundations may also contain  Sunscreen and Age Fighting properties in them.  
  • Technology has also added Light Reflecting (aka Luminous) properties in foundation (to reduce the appearance of fine lines).
  • Whipped foundations are liquid foundations that have be aerated to provide a texture similar to cream without the added weight of cream foundation.
With so many choices in liquid foundations , I encourage you to find a way to sample the products you are interested in to find the weight and texture of foundation coverage you like.

Cream to powder foundations are typically for Combo/Oily Skin.  These products go on like cream foundation but will dry out to a Matte finish.  These foundations are NOT recommended for Dry Skin.  Apply with a sponge.

Mineral Powder foundations typically come in loose powder varieties and pressed powder varieties, but liquid mineral foundations are popping up on the market too.  These products are a great choice for Normal/Combo/Oily Skin.  Mineral powder is applied with a Kabuki brush.
  • Mineral powder foundations are the sheerest in weight and feel, but they always surprise me with their ability to create an even skin tone. 
  •  These products offer "buildable coverage", which means that you can keep layering foundation until you get the amount of coverage you need/want.
  • Tweens to twenty something gals LOVE mineral powder foundations, but all ages can wear them.  
  • Mineral powder is a great choice when you need to dash out the door or when you intend to spend time a lot of time outside.  
  • For a super simple routine, wear a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and apply mineral powder over that for a really natural and lightweight coverage.
* To control the amount of mineral powder flying in the air, invest in a fingertip sprayer and mist the Kabuki brush once or twice with a little bit of water before you load the brush with powder (the brush does NOT need to be really wet, just damp enough to allow the powder to stick to the bristles).  Tap off the excess powder and then apply. *

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