Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Beauty Emergency Kit | Makeup by Keri Ann the Flying MUA

We all have beauty emergencies from time to time.

Whether your makeup bag is lost or stolen, you have an unexpected business opportunity, have an "ugly crying" incident, you spill coffee, a zipper breaks, or you have a bad makeup or hair experience, I have put together a list of products to help you out in most every beauty emergency!

Cosmetic sponges and cotton balls can blend makeup applied too heavy or makeup that is too dark.

I like to keep both regular cotton swabs and the dual tip applicators (they have an eye shadow applicator on one side and a thin pointed tip on the other).  These little disposable tools are small, but mighty!  They work like magic when it comes to applying makeup, re-defining lines, softening and re-touching small makeup imperfections.

Lipstick is a dual purpose product - so keep a true red, a neutral pink or natural beige color on hand.  Not only can you re-color your lips, but you can tint your cheeks with lipstick if you are looking pale.  The color you choose to keep should match your makeup style and personality.

If you want to assemble a beauty emergency kit for you gal pals for a GNO or wedding, I would pack these items: 
  1. The three lip colors mentioned above - everyone likes a choice & has their own style.
  2. An unopened full size tube of mascara.
  3. I would also pack disposable mascara spoolies (disposable mascara wands) so everyone can safely share the mascara (one applicator per application - do NOT re-dip mascara wands in the mascara tube). Also make sure you have enough disposables for the group - at least one package per person.
You may also want to include your favorite concealer/foundation and a bronzer in your emergency kit

Hopefully you won't need a beauty emergency kit, but you will be prepared if you find yourself in a beauty emergency!

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