Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Vegan Fare in Laramie, WY

Plant based restaurant Laramie WY_flight attendant_vegan food_small town find
Sweet Melissa's Cafe - Plant based restaurant in Laramie, WY

Finding good vegan restaurants on my overnights has become a new fun treat.

The first plant-based restaurant I visited was a most pleasant surprise and it was in Laramie, WY of all places! (My husband wants to know what has happened to the great Wild West!?!?)

It's a restaurant called Sweet Melissa's Cafe and if you find yourself in the area (maybe you'll be visiting the University of Wyoming or driving through on your way to Denver, CO or perhaps, you'll be on a flight crew overnight), you must visit this little gem!

I ordered a vegan burger with a side of cauliflower "wings" and devoured and enjoyed every single bite! (I felt like I had tasted "normal" food for the first time, but it was vegan!)

I also ordered a brownie to enjoy in my room for dessert.

Apparently, one of their best desserts is the banana bread, but it was not vegan and I decided not to order it.  My driver highly recommended it though.

The person at the front desk of my hotel knew I was going to go to Sweet Melissa's and suggested I try the Cloth Napkin signature beverage from the Front Street Tavern (connected to Sweet Melissa's).  Since Earl Grey is my favorite tea, I decided to try the cocktail and it did not disappoint.

Laramie WY_tavern_earl grey tea cocktail_vegan_travel_explore
Cloth Napkin Cocktail from Front Street Tavern in Laramie, WY

Downtown Laramie appears to have an assortment of unique shopping places and plenty of scenic "big sky" views. I would love to go back and explore more!

Downtown Laramie, WY_plant based food find_travel review_small town USA
Downtown Laramie, WY

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