Friday, April 8, 2016

Makeup Myth #2 - I Want Airbrush Makeup For My Event

Houston Makeup Artist_Airbrush Makeup_Traditional Makeup_Kasey Lynn Photography
Both photos are courtesy of Kasey Lynn Photography /Makeup was done by Keri Ann Reardon of Makeup by Keri Ann

 Which photo above features airbrush makeup? Feel free to leave your comments below or on my FB Page or Instagram

Maybe you do want airbrush makeup, but let's ask a few more questions:
  • Why do you want to be airbrushed?
  • Are you in your teens or twenties?
  • Are you over 30?
  • Do you have large pores?
  • Do you have any fine lines?
  • Are you going to cry at your event?
  • Have you tried airbrush makeup before?
  • Are you willing to pay more money for airbrush makeup?
  • Are you only going to want to look good in photos/video or do you want to look good in person?
  • Do you know airbrushed makeup is not going to give you the same look as being "airbrushed" in Photoshop?

Now that you've answered my questions, you can read my honest opinions about airbrush makeup reading the blog posts below:

Does Airbrush Makeup Really Last Longer?

Does Airbrush Makeup Really Minimize Fine Lines & Pores? 

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