Friday, January 22, 2016

Makeup Myth #8 - My BFF Can Do My Makeup

Makeup Myth
Makeup by Keri Ann Makeup Myth #8
Or maybe it’s your sister doing your makeup.  Or maybe your cousin, friend or neighbor can do your makeup.

There are very many talented makeup enthusiasts out there.  And even if someone applies her makeup beautifully, she may not have the skills to apply makeup on other people.

Here are a few questions you want to ask:
  • Does your BFF understand how makeup looks in different lighting?  
  • Does your BFF know how to compensate for poor lighting?
  • Does your BFF know how much time it will take to do your makeup & the others in the group?
  • Does your BFF work well under pressure?
  • Will your BFF be on time?
  • Does your BFF have enough clean brushes to do all the makeup you want done?
  • Will your BFF treat you like the princess you want to be on your special day?

If you are going to go with someone you know and trust to do your makeup, PLEASE do yourself a favor and do a trial run.

Make sure you have the makeup photographed (hopefully by a professional) and examine it before the day of your event.  You want to be happy with how your makeup looks in photographs before you commit to using friends and family members who may not be professionals.

There are so many hygienic problems that can happen if you select someone who doesn’t use clean and disposable tools.  Never “double dip” into eyeliners, mascaras or lipsticks that aren’t yours.

Friendships need to be stable enough to handle the stress of a special event - especially if the special event is a wedding.  Personality clashes and miscommunication can quickly put a damper on a special day (there is nothing worse than a cloud of jealousy or resentment in a room).

When your special event is over you want to remember feeling pampered and absolutely beautiful.

You never want to look back and regret your experience.

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