Friday, January 29, 2016

Makeup Myth #7 - One Person Should Be Able To Do Hair & Makeup For Everyone

One person for hair and makeup bridal services
Makeup by Keri Ann Makeup Myth #7

It’s a fact that bridal parties have a budget.

I also know many bridal parties want to cut corners by only using one person to do hair and makeup services.

When I work weddings with a hairstylist, things progress much smoother and quicker when we work together, because while one person is getting hair done, another person is getting makeup done.

Hairstylists and makeup artists are artists.  I want you to look your best and to do a great job.  So do the hairstylists and other makeup artists I work with.  We all take pride in our work and we also want to allow time to get our work done perfectly.

Asking one person to do both services greatly limits the amount of time and attention the artist can spend with each client.  The most vocal one in the bridal party will probably get the most attention and this may cheat the bride out of her allotted time.  The wedding day is the bride's day to shine.

The smallest of details overlooked are the biggest to be noticed (ie, missing bobby pins & falling hair or false lashes that aren’t applied properly).

Consider the hair & makeup services as an investment in the wedding day memories.  Allow each artist, and client, the time to create a special and memorable look that will last all day and night.  (A common rule of thumb is to allow one hour for hair and one hour for makeup services - so that's 2 hours per/person for BOTH hair & makeup services.)

**In the state of Texas, anyone collecting money for hair services MUST have a cosmetology license from the state of Texas**

In the Houston area, many solo makeup artists, who also offer hair services, do not have the state license.   Be sure to ask about their hair license before you book with them.

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