Friday, November 30, 2012

Makeup Tip #26 - Holiday Party Tips

December 1 arrives in the morning and the holiday party season begins!  Here are some and easy makeup tips to help you look your best for all of the festivities.

1)  Choose eye shadows and highlighter that shimmer.  If you are more daring, add a touch of glitter to your hair and face.  Adding a layer of glitter over your eyeshadow makes eyes really sparkle!

2)  Add drama with false lashes.  You can opt for really natural false lashes OR you can choose some really dramatic lashes.

Dramatic False Lashes
Natural Fasle Lashes

Natural False Lashes
Dramatic False Lashes

 3)  If your festivities will keep you late into the night, consider adding a finishing spray to keep your makeup in place.

4)  Add a layer of slick gloss to your lips.  RED lipstick is always "in" for the holidays!  For tips on how to keep your lipstick on for the night, please read Makeup Tip #11 - Getting Color to Last on Your  Lips

5)  Waterproof lip and eyeliner are essentials as well!

There's more to your appearance than the makeup

6)  Perfume should be applied sparingly and you should apply it well before you leave the house so that it's not overpowering.

7)  Remove stray deodorant marks by rubbing nylon panty hose (or tights) on the white mark.

8)  Make sure your foundation garments work with your holiday dress BEFORE you get ready for the party.  (Ideally do this a few days before the party, so you know it is all seamless and you have time to purchase what you may need).  Hollywood Converting Clips and Hollywood Fashion Tape can also help.

9)  Keep a lint roller handy for the "little black dress" and your coats.

10)  Acetone-free nail polish remover can remove scuff marks off patent leather shoes.

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