Monday, August 22, 2022

My Thoughts on Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Tutorials.  

They are mesmerizing and they are viral.  

Tweens, Teens, and people of all ages create them.

Why have I always avoided them?  

I know, from my many years of experience, that everyone has unique features and unique needs.  Skin tone, textures, and types will change how makeup is applied and how it stays on.

That is why I have always tried to offer tips and advice without doing tutorials. 

My IG feed is filled with makeup tutorials, and lately, I see the same MLM/Direct sellers pushing their makeup/contouring pallets in most of the same ways.  It bothers me for many reasons.  

Number one, as a former MLM/Direct Seller, I know that the sale of these pallets is not the goal of the women marketing these pallets.  They want to meet 10 women who will recruit 10 more women to set up online stores, who will in turn, bring in 10 more women to sell and pitch these product.  Volume is key, as in any business, but they make the most money on the individuals, not the products.

Number two, they often provide false senses of perception.  The video that I watched this weekend really made me mad.  I very attractive brunette with large, round, deep set and prominent eyes.  She claimed this makeup tutorial was for women with hooded eyes.  She proceeded to use all of her colors and swipe  her shadow on her lid.  Women with hooded eyes have to create and actual crease and lid, but anyone with hooded eyes, following her advice, will end up disappointed and frustrated.  Eye shadow application on a hooded eye will not appear the same as it does on a person with such a large and prominent eye lid.

In my attempt to be authentic, I have avoided tutorials.  I know the best way to serve and teach someone is to face them, talk to them and visually see their features to advise placement and help techniques.  This is the advantage to a private makeup lesson or a makeup application.

Here is my short IG rant on the topic:

How may I help you makeup?

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