Monday, January 9, 2017

His & Hers Foto and Makeup by Keri Ann's Makeup Project Podcast

When local photographer, Kristi Allen, from His & Hers Foto, asked me to do her maternity photo makeup, I was thrilled to be of service to her.  AND I also thought I had found a perfect model for another project I have been wanting to do.

Kristi wears very little makeup on a daily basis.  For her maternity photos, Kristi wanted to look natural, but she wanted her features enhanced.  Kristi is like many of my clients who are used to wearing very little makeup.

Several of my clients have come to me after they have had unsuccessful trial runs with other makeup artists, but I often don't get many details about their experiences.  And I rarely get to see what the makeup looked like.  I only get reports that the makeup was "too heavy".

For this project, Kristi agreed to be my face model and take photos of herself:

without makeup on
with makeup on that she applied herself
with makeup applied by me
with makeup applied by a different artist

Oscar is her husband and business partner at His & Hers Foto.  He agreed to document Kristi's face, in various stages of makeup, with his camera.  Both Kristi and Oscar were kind enough to create a podcast about our project and we are excited to have you join our conversation. 

In this podcast, Kristi talks about her experiences as a makeup client AND Oscar chimes in with his reaction to seeing his wife's makeup applied in different ways.  They also invited me to in to talk about what it was like for me to watch another artist do makeup and the makeup experience for weddings and other events.

Please click HERE to listen to Life As Art podcast and let us know what you think!  It is a long podcast, so you may need to listen in small segments.  

Kristi & Oscar do a pre-makeup project podcast that begins at 7:04
Kristi & Oscar discuss the makeup done by the other MUA at 21:55
Kristi, Oscar & I discuss the entire project & our experiences at 59:57

This is Kristi's maternity photo makeup done by Keri Ann:

Houston Natural Makeup Artist _ Makeup by Keri Ann _ Barron & Barron Photography
Photo credit to Barron & Barron Photography

Makeup by Keri Ann _ Barron & Barron Photography
Photo credit to Barron & Barron Photography

I have such great fun doing these podcasts with Kristi & Oscar & we appreciate Grizzaffi Coffee for sponsoring all of their podcasts. 

Be sure to check out my next blog with a photo diary and Kristi's thoughts about all of her makeup experiences by clicking HERE!

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