Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Hair and Makeup Lessons

Makeup Application by Keri Ann, Houston Area Makeup Artist / Photo courtesy of Ana Ivan Photography

I am pretty confident about doing my own makeup, after all, I have spent over 20 years teaching and applying makeup to all women of all skin tones and face shapes.  

When it comes to hair styling,  I don't have any confidence.  I have always preferred to wear my hair short rather than long, as the options for styling long hair are too numerous and the actual styling seems too complicated for me to tackle.  It seems as if I need to grow one, or two, additional arms to hold up sections of hair and keep a mirror held in just the right spot when working with the back sections of my head.  With that said, my long hair styling methods for the past several years have been straight down and in a pony.  

Honestly, any attempt at curling my hair or pulling it partially up always ends with a hair band or a flat iron.  I am not inspired by my thin, somewhat curly and sometimes fuzzy hair.  In fact, the few times I attempt to style my hair, I create as many knots in my stomach as I do in my hair (it is sad people; very sad and very true).

One of my sweet hairstyling friends invited me to sit in her salon chair not too long ago to teach me some new techniques for styling my hair.  She showed me a few of her favorite hair products and did a blow out and then styled my hair for me.  I am still not confident in my ability to create the flat iron curls, but I valued the refresher course on the styling tools.  Hair trends and products evolve just as quickly as cosmetics do and I really enjoyed getting hands-on advice from a pro.

After visiting her chair, I have spent a few mornings using the flat iron to curl my hair.  I am not ready to take those curls public yet, but I’m working on it.  I am so grateful for the few tips I picked up.  I needed that refresher lesson!

Earlier this week, a good friend mentioned that her mom never taught her how to properly apply makeup and it reminded me how important makeup lessons are to my clients.  

You-tube instructional videos are entertaining and informative, but, from time to time, we all need a hands-on lesson from a pro.  I teach Tweens to Seniors  - anyone who needs to refresh her makeup bag and routine.  When you are doing something correctly, it's always great to get verbal affirmation.

Moms, one of the greatest “Coming of age gifts” you can give your daughter is a makeup lesson.  She will go to school feeling confident about her makeup skills and may ending up educating her friends too.  

I have private makeup lesson appointments available and I will integrate your current makeup to customize a routine for you.  Together, you and I will create makeup looks you will be able to duplicate in the privacy of your own bathroom mirror.  And, with a little practice & patience,  I am sure it will become easy for you! ❤

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