Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Homecoming Hair and Makeup Booking Tips

Makeup by Keri Ann _ Houston Makeup Artist _ Katy Makeup Artist
Photo courtesy of Photography by Niki / Makeup is the work of Keri Ann Reardon from Makeup by Keri Ann

Homecoming is one of high school's most popular high school formals.

I have known several senior girls who've spent a few summer days shopping for their homecoming dress.  They spend hours looking for shoes and accessories to compliment their dress, but when it comes to hair & makeup services, they don't think about booking appointments until the last minute.

Girls, and their moms, are surprised when they discover hair & makeup artists are already booked.

Here are a few tips for booking hair & makeup services for homecoming:
  • Book hair and makeup one to two months in advance of homecoming.  September and October are popular homecoming months, and in Texas, they are very popular wedding months.  Hair and makeup artists do get booked weeks in advance because of this.  
  • Save your money and plan your beauty budget.  Brick and mortar stores are now beginning to charge for makeup services and those full-face appointments are starting at $70 (does not include lashes or airbrush makeup).  On-location services might be a little bit more than the mall.
  • Expect to put a retainer down to hold your appointment.  If you are booking a free-lance artist, make sure you have a signed contract (don't assume you have an appointment unless it is in writing).  Putting a retainer down will secure your appointment and will decrease the amount of money you have to pay on the day of homecoming.
  • Consider asking your friends to join you.  Getting ready with your "besties" is always more fun and you might be offered a group rate.  
  • Do your homework.  Look at artists' websites and read reviews.  Study their portfolios.  Many artists who do both hair and makeup are not licensed hair stylists.  Licensed hairstylists know how to makeup your hair stay in place for the entire evening & they know how to keep hair in place in spite of Texas humidity.  I have seen many disappointed faces because the hair fell as soon as the "hairstylist" was gone.
  • Be sure to book a makeup artist who does age appropriate makeup.  It is so disappointing to see a beautiful homecoming queen look twenty years older than she is because she's been caked with layers upon layers of makeup.
  • Don't be afraid to hire one hairstylist and one makeup artist.  If you go to the mall, you will be hiring 2 people any way.  If you have a group of girls getting ready with you - 2 girls can be getting services done at the same time.  
  • Beware of orange bronzer and the makeup artist who relies on it.  Don't be the girl with orange streaks all over her Instagram photo.  (For more thoughts about orange bronzer, please click here.) 


  1. Love these tips! Definitely important to book ahead. I had to learn that when it came to my wedding. Luckily, my cousin came to my rescue, but better to be prepared!

    1. I think being prepared is a girl scout motto! Thanks for sharing your personal experience!

  2. Wish I had this guide when I was in high school haha! I cringe thinking about what my makeup looked like LOL - Lindsey Lyons

  3. Lindsey, I'm sure you were beautiful!

  4. good to know tips, even for people looking for professional make-up for other events as well!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie, the same rules do apply for other special events.

  5. Thank you! As a professional makeup artist, I heartily agree with your advice!