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Micellar Water

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Even though I ask my clients to come without makeup on, it's inevitable that someone will show up in full makeup.  (I really can't blame her - walking around without makeup is a cardinal sin to me too.)

I have so many products in my kit that additional bottles of skin care - for every skin type, is not practical, as I do not use it consistently on clients.

However, I do recognize the need to have something - cleansing wipes are always easy and portable, but then what about moisturizer?  Cleansing wipes can dry out the skin.

Micellar Water seemed to be the one-step miracle I was looking for - at least according to the advertisements.  I heard other makeup artists love to have it in their kit, so I purchased a bottle to try it.

At first glance, it looks very much like oil-free eye makeup remover.  It's clear, but you can see two parts to it.

I shook the bottle and I applied a small amount to a cotton pad and began to wipe my face.  It really did take the makeup off of my skin (I still needed eye makeup remover to get off my mascara).  My skin felt really clean, but way it also felt way too emollient for me.  Even though this is supposed to be a no-rinse product, I used a wash cloth moistened with water to remove the extra oil.  Once my skin was dry, I was super happy with the feel of my skin - I didn't even apply moisturizer, as I felt hydrated enough.

A little bit of this product will go a very long way, so it's very economical.

I poured enough liquid into a travel friendly bottle to add to my kit for those clients who need to remove makeup quickly and easily.

If you want to read more about the molecular compositions and how this stuff really works scientifically, here are a few interesting links for you:

Huffington Post Article about Micellar Water

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