Friday, March 25, 2016

Confession: I'm Afraid of Germs

I do admit that I am a "germaphobe".

Behind the Scenes Makeup Station

I use hand sanitizer before and after each client.

I have invested a small fortune in makeup brushes so I have clean brushes for every application.  But I am especially stocked with many eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, concealer and lip brushes.  I am prepared for large wedding parties and never have to clean or reuse brushes.

In addition to the makeup brushes, I use lots of disposable applicators.

I have professional brush cleaner and 99% alcohol at every appointment - just in case.

I clean my eyelash curler before and after every client (and each client witnesses it).

I clean my makeup pallets with alcohol.

I wear disposable glove when I wash my makeup brushes.  I clean the brushes with professional cleaner, in addition to cleaning them well after every use.  I also spray the handles with 99% alcohol after they've been cleaned.

I never allow my brushes to air dry in the bathroom.

Are you a "germaphobe"?

Would you hire someone who isn't concerned about germs?

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