Monday, January 4, 2016

#MakeupMonday Corn Starch Tip Follow Up

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Photo credit:  Lily Hannah Photography

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As a follow up to today's #MakeupMonday post, I read years ago that corn starch was one celebrity beauty secret and I find that I like it better than the dry shampoo I've purchased from my hairstylist and retail stores.

Corn starch does a great job of absorbing the oil, but if you have dark hair, please be warned that your hair will turn white upon application.  (I've heard, but have NOT TRIED,  that adding a bit of cocoa powder to the corn starch helps to blend the corn starch into dark hair.)

Here what I've learned using corn starch in my hair:

A little bit of corn starch goes a long way.

I get better results when applying corn starch to the roots of my hair before bedtime.

I keep cornstarch in a zippered sandwich bag in my bathroom.

I dip a comb in the cornstarch and then run the comb through my hair.

I'd love to know how this tip works for you you!

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