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Another Wedding Budget Item: On-Location Hair & Makeup Services

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If you are wanting to have on-location professional hair & makeup services for your wedding day, I always suggest the need to secure services 2-4 months out.  

However, you need to get price quotes and create a budget for yourself & your bridesmaids early in the planning process, because on-location hair and makeup services may cost more than you anticipate.  Waiting until the last minute to discover this reality is a disappointment for everyone - especially if a majority of the wedding budget has been spent. 

Many brides want to gift hair and makeup to their bridesmaids and this is an excellent idea.  Instead of giving a gift that will collect dust on a shelf, giving hair & makeup to the bridal party will create a memorable experience for you & your friends and your photos will be more cohesive.

Sometimes, there is just not room in the bride's budget to pay for everybody's makeup, and at that point you need to decide if you can pay a portion of the bill or if you will allow your bridal party to pay for services themselves.  

If the bridal party is going to foot the bill, then they need to know exactly how much their expenses will be and they need to be able to add hair & makeup to their wedding budget too.  Remember that being in a wedding party is a financial investment too.

Ask your stylist/artist if they will consider breaking up the bill into smaller budget friendly payments.  In order to make payment arrangements, you must know how much your hair and makeup budget is and you must have plenty of time to plan accordingly.

For more general FAQ's about Hair and Makeup Pricing, please click here.

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