Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Makeup Tip #32 - Help your Man Look His Best in Pictures

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I know it doesn't seem like men would need any makeup advice, but here in Texas (and most of the South), the high heat and humidity creates problems for both men and women - especially in August.  Makeup tips to help men look good in pictures:

1) On the day of pictures, make sure to have a package of blotting paper/tissue available for your man.  These simple tissues will clear up any oil on the spot and will end the shine.  Blotting paper/tissue will not leave any residue and guys appreciate the fact that they can see the oil they've removed on the paper.  They are very compact and can be slipped into a pocket for quick and easy access throughout the day.

2) Another powerful product your man may want to opt for is an oil mattifying product.  Oil mattifiers are light weight, void of color and help maintain a matte finish for hours.  Usually oil mattifiers are packaged in small tubes or in containers with pumps.  If you are having an outdoor wedding or if your man tends to have problems with oil, one or two additional applications may be necessary during the day.  (For men with receding hair lines or with little hair on the top of the head, I definitely suggest applying an oil mattifier before pictures to reduce the reflection of light.)

3)  If there is still concern about shine, a light dusting of a translucent powder or a powder matching his skin tone can be applied.

If your man happens to have razor burn or serious acne problems, I hope you can convince him to seek skin care solutions several weeks before the wedding or engagement pictures.  Simply finding a cleanser, moisturizer and proper shaving and after-shaving products for him can make a huge difference in the way his skin looks and feels. However, if your man still has obvious redness and blemishes, a makeup artist can help him with color correcting primers, concealers and even a light application of foundation (if needed) to smooth the skin.

I hope you find these resources helpful for you and your man and I would love to get your feedback!

Keri Ann Reardon, is a Houston airbrush makeup artist and the owner/artist at Makeup by Keri Ann

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