Monday, July 1, 2013

Makeup Tip #31 - Liberating Beauty

This week we are celebrating America's Independence and our liberty and freedom.

When it comes to appearance, I am afraid we are loosing our ability to appreciate natural beauty.  As I watch movies and TV, look through Facebook pictures and meet people in person, I am sad that many people no longer look real.  With all of the advancements in hair color, makeup techniques, photo shop and surgical procedures, I fear Americans are forgetting how to be authentic.

Our TV newscasters look more like plastic than real people.  I know that the HD cameras are supposed to show every flaw, but I don't see any imperfections on the national correspondents.  While I am certain the makeup offers excellent coverage, I can't help but wonder how many Botox injections and surgeries they've had.  Who pays for that?  The personality or the network?

Our family recently got many laughs out of the movie, Parental Guidance, but I was struck by the artificial youthfulness of Bette Middler's character.  The grandmother didn't appear to have any wrinkles and it just seemed odd to me.  I know Hollywood makeup artists are very talented at aging people, but are artificial wrinkles the only ones allowed on the big screen anymore?

This youthfulness trend has more and more women in my contact sphere opting for corrective surgery.  I am heartbroken every time I hear a woman tell me about her surgery.  My heart breaks for her because I know that surgery is often expensive and painful.  I also know that by choosing to alter her appearance, it means she literally did not feel comfortable in her own skin.

Speaking of being uncomfortable, my stomach churns every time I see a promo ad for Toddlers & Tiaras.  Those tots don't look anything like children and I really wonder what kind of women they will grow up to be.  I've never even seen one episode of the show, but it doesn't take more than a few seconds to see the two piece costumes, larger than life hair and caked on makeup to realize those little girls are dressed up to look like life size toys.

And visiting a makeup counter may be more disturbing for me than watching TV and movies.  The men at the counter are wearing more makeup than I would ever consider wearing and they've seen the inside of a nail salon more recently than most of the women they work with.

Americans just aren't satisfied with who they are any more.   We have to highlight our hair, wear artificial nails, reduce and enlarge body parts just to feel confident and beautiful.  But my guess is that all of these "enhancements" have really lowered our self image because we can't appreciate the reality of the mirror's reflection when it's all stripped away.

We have forgotten that God designed each one of us with our own unique features and characteristics.  God doesn't make mistakes!

Have you looked at a zebra and thought its stripes weren't straight enough? Have you looked at a leopard and criticized the shape of its spots? Have you ever said the elephant has too many wrinkles?  Why can you admire those amazing creatures without appreciating your own unique features?

This week I encourage you to find the freedom that only comes when you accept who you are as you were made - NOT in how you wish you were made.  Take advantage of the summer heat and lighten your makeup load.  Put on a tinted moisturizer with spf protection and a lip balm and celebrate the freedom to wear less makeup and the liberty to enjoy who you are as an individual!

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