Monday, May 20, 2013

Makeup Tip #30 PART 2: What does the BRAND name really mean?

Last week I  wrote about the cosmetic brands and how they fall under the "BIG NAME" brand umbrellas.

While there are hundreds of brand names out there, I find it very interesting that many brands are inter-connected - either from the family ties they share (the grandsons of Max Factor created the very popular Smashbox brand), the "BIG NAME" company that owns them (please see last week's blog here) or the makeup artists and other employees that float between brands.

I've also heard rumors that one very popular department store cosmetic was derived from stolen proprietary secrets of another very prominent makeup brand, but I could not confirm the story via research, so I am not at liberty to disclose brand names or share the story that I've been told.  (It's a good story, but I am betting it has happened more than once in the cosmetic industry.)

In fact, here in Texas, there has been a documented feud between two cosmetic rivals for quite some time.  In this Texas Monthly article, the details are spelled out and the accusations of one brand hiring a chemist from the other is just part of the plot.

The two companies referred to in the Texas Monthly article are both direct selling companies and that brings me back to my private labeling research discussed in last week's blog.

I actually discovered a company that already has skin care and cosmetic products in place to be branded.  This company will help you create a marketing story (to romance the product and give it a credible history) AND they will help design a plan to sell your cosmetics via network marketing.  Now all you have to do is invest in your new company and
find 10 people who will get excited and will invest in your new products.  They will find 10 people who will sign up 10 more people...and you'll be retiring next year as a millionaire (not their marketing pitch, but my interpretation of how it will go).

Private labeling can be an expensive proposition.  One must agree to purchase minimum quantities of products and then there is the cost to retain production services, shipping, packaging, etc.  One makeup artist reports that she invested over $35,000 of her own money to create her cosmetic line.

I hope my blog this week and last week have you thinking about your favorite brand and asking:
  • What is really behind your favorite cosmetic's brand name ?  
  • Are you really impressed that your dermatologist has their own skin care and your salon has their own brand of cosmetics?  Why?  
  • If you were to call your cosmetic brand, could you tour their manufacturing facility?  
  • Are the products you've been sold really as unique as they claim to be? 
  • Can you purchase the same "BIG DEPARTMENT STORE" product at the drug store?  
  • Is this new organic product that your friend is selling really a product created in a farmer's kitchen  or is it just another MLM product re-packaged and re-pitched?
I'd love to hear how this article might have helped you!

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