Friday, February 22, 2013

Celebrating 16 Years of Marriage Today

Sixteen years ago today, I felt like Cinderella.  Fortunately, I am still  married to my real-life Prince Charming.

As much as I would like to carry on about floating down the isle in my beautiful dress and narrate the colors my attendants wore and the style of cake we had, what I really want to tell the world today is how blessed I am to be married to the most amazing man.  I am afraid I take him for granted too often and don't express my love enough.

My husband still treats me like a princess by opening doors for me and he is always there to come to my rescue - whether it's to unload my makeup bags or make a special trip made to unlock my car in a dark parking lot (I have forgotten to take my keys out of the car a few times).  He can make just about any idea come to life - from our son's go-cart built from scratch to remodeling our home's bathrooms to making my sketch of a piece of furniture a reality.

My husband's word is his bond, he believes in hard work and never complains about his circumstances.  He is the most amazing father - never too tired to shoot hoops with our son, even though he may have just gotten home from a 10 hour road trip.  I could continue on with his accolades, but I hope that's enough to describe his character.

I am most thankful for the time he spends reading the Bible each day, the encouragement he gives me to pursue my passions and the hand he extends for me to hold.

While my husband is almost perfect (did I mention he cleans the dishes after I cook every night?) our life together is not always.

I am all the "Better" for having a man by my side who continues to stay committed through the "Worse" parts of marriage, so today I want to say, "Happy Anniversary, Mr. Reardon!"

Love always and forever,

Keri Ann

Woodlands Bride 

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