Monday, September 3, 2012

Makeup Tip #19 - Fall Makeup Trends for 2012

Colors for Fall 2012

Flawless skin is in this season!  If you need help with this, please review earlier blogs for tips.  I can also help you with a personal consultation, so there is no excuse for not having great skin.  
  • Once cooler & drier weather arrives, don’t forget to adjust your skin care according to climate changes.   
  • Remember that creams with Retinol or Retin A will make you sensitive to the sun and you are especially vulnerable as sun streams through car windows when you commute, so use your sunscreen!
Eyes should be monochromatic.  Opt for neutral tones in a similar color pallet.  Eyeliner can be applied bold, if you have a flair for the dramatic and really like to express yourself.

Cheeks should appear “flushed”.  After your next workout, make sure you notice what your cheeks look like and pay attention to where they flush to duplicate the look with an appropriate cheek color.  Opt for creams & stains to give you that perfect balance of sheer color.

Lips should be the first thing that eyes are drawn to this season.  Apply deep reds, wine, and dark berry colors.  

Nail lacquers in deep hues of teal & purple will be popular too.

Burgundy, Merlot and Crimson are colors to add to wardrobe this fall.  Fashion magazines & blogs are filled with designs in these popular shades & I am thrilled because these reds are my personal favorites!  Help your man accentuate his wardrobe with these colors too.

Color Rivals noted:  You may remember that this summer’s hottest hue was Orange. However, now that fall is has arrived, Maroon will be catching everyone’s eye.  

In the great state of Texas, these two colors have long been rivals, as they are the school colors of the University of Texas & Texas A&M, respectively.  Even though UT & Texas A&M are no longer athletic conference rivals, I find it interesting that these two prominent colors have been the talk of runway & home fashions in consecutive seasons.  

Please note that I am not an alumni of either one, just an observation a true Texan can make!

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