Monday, July 16, 2012

Makeup Tip #15 - Getting a Sunless Glow

For fair skin maidens, achieving a natural and subtle tan is always a challenge, but there are products on the market designed just for you.

Sunless tanning products have improved greatly over the years.  Most products have found ways to neutralize the pungent odor and the shades are closer to natural skin tone than that of the previous, "orange, orange, or more orange" varieties.

As with all cosmetic products, there are numerous self-tanning products on the market.  Almost all of them contain DHA, which helps to color the skin.  You will find sprays, lotions, whipped products & gels.  Which product you choose, comes down to personal preference, so do your homework, read product reviews and ask friends.

Before using any sunless tanning product be sure to exfoliate and moisturize well AND be sure to read all directions for product application VERY WELL. 

When using lotions, I have found it helpful to apply a regular hand lotion in the palms of my hands first.  This trick helps to prevent too much sunless tanning lotion from absorbing into the palms.   Take note that elbows, knees and heals absorb the most color because they are usually the driest, so spend some time hydrating these areas a few days before applying your lotion.  

When using a spray tanning product, please pay attention to where you will be applying it.  I have heard complaints that these sprays can stain bathroom tile & grout....

For very fair skinned people, I don't recommend using a product that instantly colors your skin.  A product that will gradually adjust the color of your skin within a few days is probably the most appropriate choice for you.

The trick to maintaining a "healthy glow" is to continue reapplying product according to package directions.

If the thought of turning the wrong color scares you, you may want to consider hiring a professional for a spray tan.  

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